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Good Night Bird Cage Cover under $20

Prevue Hendryx Good Night Bird Cage CoverYou actually can train your bird to go to sleep with one simple handling: you cover your bird‘s cage with a bird cage cover. Simple and very efficient. Even though there are birds that don‘t like to be covered at all, most birds need to be covered for a good solid sleep.

The bird cage cover has to fulfill some requirements in order to be the best for you and your bird ensuring that your bird gets his full and necessary sleeping time for a good health.

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Large Flight Cage

bird cageA large flight cage belongs definitely to the pricier items you will buy for your bird or birds. But it is very worth it because it surely will make your birds happy.

First of all it’s important to know that the quality and size of the cage is very strongly connected to your bird’s health and well-being.

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Top 3 Travel Bird Cages

Caitec Bird CarrierThere are moments in the life of a pet bird when it needs to travel with you. In these moments you’ll need an appropriate travel bird cage or bird carrier of the right size. A bird carrier isn’t as big as a normal bird cage but it shouldn’t be too small either.

When do you need a bird carrier? Well, the most obvious reason is your regular trip to the vet. Bird owners also use it to bring their birds to work if their work day is longer than expected. In this case the bird really needs to love to be in the bird carrier or can be let free from time to time.

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Top 4 Small/Medium Bird Cages around $50

birds in small bird cageJust as we love our homes our pet birds love their cage as home. This makes the design of the cage for your bird very important. Here are the most important points you need to know before choosing your bird cage.

First of all the perfect bird cage needs to provide enough space for your bird to move around, to fully extend his wings inside the cage. Additional space is needed for bird toys, dishes, perches and other places your birds love to hang out such as swings or nests.

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Top 3 Bird Hideaways under $10

bird hideawayBirds need privacy, a place they can call their own, like so many other pet.

They like to hide in a nest-like hut, shelter or any other kind of hideaway.

Getting your pet birds a hideaway is one step toward helping to establish calmness and rest for them.

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Top 4 Chinchilla Cages under $130

Midwest Homes for Pets Chinchilla CageA long time ago I worked for some months in a Chinchilla Breeding Station in Hungary.  This station had dozens of chinchilla cages with hundreds of chinchillas.  I was fascinated by these rodents with their thick soft fur, but mostly I was amazed about their motion-loving headstrong personalities.  In short time I advanced there as chinchilla catcher – because of my fast reactions.  Those chinchillas though weren’t pets, you could the the breeding parents even call being wild.  But their babies were sold as pets to interested people all over the world.

This is the best situation if you want to get a Chinchilla as pet: getting them as young.  When you handle young chinchillas gently and patiently, your chinchilla will bond closely with you.

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