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What you Need to Know about safe Travels with your Dog

traveling with dogsWe all travel – longer or shorter distances. Maybe we could call our time even the traveling era. Well, there are many travel options you can choose from, none of them should exclude your dog. With a little organizing ahead of time you can make it real easy for your dog to join you and your family on your travels and to enjoy every moment of it.

But there are some points you need to take into consideration before taking your dog on a longer trip. Here are some thoughts.

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Best Dog Backpack for Hiking

dog backpack for hikingSummer is coming up and with it hiking season. I love to hike, always did. Maybe I just confirm the cliché that says that every Swiss loves to hike. Anyway! My hikes got suddenly all the better when I started hiking with the dog of our vacation place in the Swiss Alps.

That dog Toby, well, had a special habit. He loved to carry stones while hiking. While this at first view might look unusual, he actually displayed a trait dogs like to do: being part of the hiking team by carrying something themselves. Toby would have loved to carry a dog backpack for hiking!

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