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Top Saddle Rack folding and wall mounted around $50

horse saddle rackYour horse saddle needs to have a dry solid space to be placed on while not in use. And while it may look nice hanging a saddle over a fence, it’s not very practical. You will need a saddle rack to get your saddle out of weather and dirt. This saddle rack is doubly interesting. It’s foldable and wall mounted and therefore very space saving.

I used to transport horses in trailers to different horse shows and competitions back in Switzerland. I had a folding saddle rack mounted on the door of the trailer. When out of use I just folded it flat down and it was out of the way.

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How to Take Care of a Horse Saddle

care of horse saddleHorses are beautiful animals. But horse saddles are just as beautiful. Of course you can see all kinds of saddles. The English saddle has different styles depending on its usage such as jumping or dressage. The same goes for the Western saddle with different styles for roping or barrel racing.

In New Mexico I often saw saddle makers selling their saddles on fairs. Each one of those saddles was a beauty with a unique style and look. You see, I can rave about saddles endlessly. What a saddle needs though is careful maintenance. So, how do you take care of your horse saddle?

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