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Top 3 Algae Eating Snails around $15

Algae eating snailsOne day – I was about 15 years old – I got the crazy idea that I wanted to create a totally natural environment for my little goldfish, so he would have although living alone a vibrant world to live in.  Well, I went to a nearby creek and pulled some nice looking plants out of the water.  Back home I just dug them into the pebbles in the aquarium and was happy.  My goldfish’s first reaction was shock, then he checked the plants out.  Did I mention that curiosity was my goldfish’s middle name?

Tiger Nerite Fresh water aquarium snailWell, what I didn’t know was, that with my live plants I also brought some minuscule snails that began almost immediately to climb the aquarium sides – and guess what!  They started to eat off the algae from the aquarium sides.  That was a hit!  I didn’t know at that time that there are algae eating snails.  The only downside was that my goldfish got a taste of these snails and loved to picked them off the aquarium sides and to eat them with relish.  My new question was then: who is faster?  The snails eating the algae or my goldfish eating the snails?

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