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Why aquatic Turtles go crazy for this Turtle Treat

Wardley Turtle TreatTurtles have a highly developed sense of taste. This is the reason why turtles go crazy for a turtle treat that makes your normally slow moving turtles paddle like crazy just to get fast to their favorite treat.

A turtle treat is as the name implies just a treat and not meant as whole turtle diet. Giving your turtles a treat keeps them interested and active and may deepen the bond between you and your turtle because you may hand feed it.

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Top 5 Healthy Turtle Food under $10

healthy turtle foodYour first-most duty and joy as turtle owner is to keep your turtle healthy and happy.  Besides providing an appropriately sized turtle tank you need to give your attention to the right food.  Turtle food!

Like all animals turtles too have their favorite taste and food, and like with all animals you need to vary the food in order to keep your turtle interested in different kinds of taste and food.

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