What you need to know before adopting a Parakeet

parakeetFor a while I was working as veterinarian at a vet practice that was specialized in birds of all kinds.  Well, my favorite bird was the Parakeet.  Always.  I admired their friendliness toward humans, their beautifully colored feathers – and forget about my work …

Well, I have some points for you to consider if you are thinking of getting one or two Parakeets.

Updated 2017: new product added!

Often you also hear the name Budgie instead of Parakeet, just another name for this bird.  When I learned about the Parakeets I found it most amusing that their Latin name “Melopsittacus undulatus” means “Song Bird with Wavy Lines” that characterizes this kind of bird perfectly.

Let’s start with the Parakeet’s character.  He is a social playful bird, meaning he feels the most comfortable in groups of two or more.  You need to know if you keep Parakeets in groups, they will less likely become hand tamed.  On the other hand, if you have just one Parakeet you need to give him a lot of attention in order to make him not feel isolated.  In this case you have all chances to transform your little Parakeet into a loyal hand tamed loving little pet.

It’s your choice.  Do you have less time and rather like to have birds for watching only, then get two or more Parakeets.  If you have enough loving patience to spend a lot of time with your Parakeet, then just get one and he will easily become your little pet friend.  Offer him a mix of playing time and resting time in privacy. With getting two Parakeets you will need a spacioius bird cage of course.

If there are children around a Parakeet, they will need adult supervision while in contact with each other.  The child’s hand could be a bit too rough on the little bird.  And the Parakeet’s beak could hurt the child’s sensitive fingers.

Another important point by getting any kind of bird is their ability to sing and talk.  You have to think of your neighborhood and their tolerance toward bird noise.  Parakeets, the males more than the females, sing and whistle a lot.  They are also very capable of learning words.  One Parakeet became known through this talent, he could repeat more than 1,700 words.  Imagine that!

Always before you get a new pet, think about their lifespan.  How many years are you willing to spend with your new friend?  Parakeets live between 7 to 15 years.  The better you care for your new pet, the longer he will live.

The next question is about what kind of food Parakeets are eating.  Well, they are so-called ground-feeders eating primarily seeds and plant material.  The Parakeet food provides generally a good and balanced mix of pellets, fruits and vegetables.  It’s important to not just give your Parakeet seeds, it could cause some health issues.  Parakeets are known to be picky eaters.  You might need some persuasion and perseverance to get your new pet used to healthy eating.  You will need to keep a small seed mixture available at all times, Parakeets like to nibble all day.

parakeetFinally you might encounter the question what colored Parakeet you would like.  There are actually more than 70 mutations of Parakeets with a large variety of colors and patterns.  With Parakeets it is very easy to find out if you look at a male or female.  After the age of 6-8 months the males show a blue colored cere (the flesh above the beak).

If after all this basic information you still have the wish to invite one or two of these beautiful little birds into your life for the next some years, I recommend to take a look at the following Top 3 Parakeets cages.

Arched Top Bird Cage

Prevue Parakeet Bird Cage

Product Highlights

  • Perfect for Parakeets, Canaries, Finches and other small birds
  • Two locking side-clips to remove bottom tray
  • Two wood perch bars
  • Sliding front door
  • Top handle
  • Lower feeding cups for mess control
  • No bottom grate included
  • Assembly required

Customer reviews

Very easy to assemble, everything just snaps together and it will be very easy to clean.  I bought this cage for my two pet doves. The best feature for me is that I can un-snap the top of the cage from the bottom pan with the birds still in the cage and take the bottom pan to clean it.

I have two parakeets in this.  They moved into this from a large cage and they love moving around.  The base is so easy to clean.

The best part is that it comes with 2 wooden dowel perches and 2 cups for food and water.  My budgies love it!


Square Top Parakeet Cage

You & Me Square Top Parakeet Cage

Product Highlights

  • Plenty of room for one or two parakeets
  • Durable wires are spaced 0.5″ apart
  • Two dowel perches (0.5″ thick)
  • Two dishes with clear hoods for food and water
  • Large front door and two smaller front doors
  • Large plastic base with pull-out tray

Customer reviews

Nice features.  Hooded cups, safety bar for door, and grate.  Roomy.  It is sturdy.

The big front door makes this cage easy to access and is nice to leave open so the bird can fly around freely and get in and out of the cage with ease.

To clean the cage it’s really easy to take the top off. It comes with two bars and two food dishes.


Vision Bird Cage Small

Vision Bird Cage Small

Product Highlights

  • Small wire bird cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches
  • Cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning
  • Debris guard helps keep waste inside cage
  • Single height
  • Equipped with green perches and food/water dishes
  • Size: 15″L x 19″W x 20″H

Customer reviews

This cage is big enough to house two canaries comfortably and with the plastic guard it virtually eliminates the mess that come with keeping birds. With the mess guard my walls (and floors) are free of any water and seeds.

This product excels like none other in the containment of feathers and seed shells, the items that make caring for birds otherwise so messy. Cleanup is achieved by lifting the cage off the bottom, which is easily done. It is the most suitable bird cage I have ever owned.

Vision Bird cages are the best! I have two. I clean their cage once a week and it is so easy. I’m telling you, don’t buy another cage. This is the real deal!


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  1. eliza says:

    Great and informative post! I have a soft spot for budgies and would love to get one. But my cats would probably terrorize any bird I got. Some day perhaps when I am too old for bigger pets. 😉

  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi Eliza, yes, I see that, cats can be a hazard for budgies, if you want to let them fly freely from time to time.

  3. Tiny says:

    Very informative post! I love parakeets, but right now too busy to take care of new pets of any kind. My 16 years old poodle requires quite a bit of care and company right now.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Thank you so much. I’m glad you can give all your attention to your poodle.

  5. When I was young, I had a parakeet and loved him…Mr. Peeper’s. He was a fun pet.

  6. Cecilia says:

    What a great name for a parakeet – Peeper! I like it 🙂

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