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Paw Nectar 100% Organic Natural Paw WaxI remember a German Shepherd called Rika that stayed at our vet office for a while to let her paws heal. She hated dog shoes, pulled them off the moment we pulled them on. This dog was definitely a candidate for paw protection through paw wax. That eventually helped her to heal her paws so she could go home.

You know me, I‘m a huge advocate for all-natural products for our pets. Here too I was looking for the best dog paw protection products that are made of all-natural ingredients. What do you need to know about dog paw protection? Here are some thoughts.

Dog pawsThere are several conditions that could hurt your dog‘s paws. Those paws might look firm and strong but they actually are quite susceptible to all kinds of problems. When your dog‘s paws are cracking it‘s definitely time to apply some dog paw wax, but I strongly recommend to do that ahead of time – almost like you would preventively use hand cream.

Dog paws are cracking for many reasons. The most common ones are seasonal such as cold icy and snowy weather as well as hot asphalts in summer. Some dogs suffer from illnesses that cause their paws to crack more easily than normally. There are also dogs that suffer from allergies as soon as they get out on the streets. Their paws also crack faster than under healthy and normal conditions.

Using a wax as paw protection for your dog has several advantages. First of all it doesn’t come in liquid form which allows you to rub your dog‘s paw softly over the wax and then massage it gently in. I don‘t know any dog who wouldn’t like that!

When a dog experiences paw cracking he will start licking his paws which of course will damage the paws even more. In this case you probably might see that your dog tries to lick the wax off of his paws. Having a wax that‘s made of all-natural ingredients causes no harm when being licked off.

But if your dog does try to lick the wax off, distract him with a toy or treat until the wax bonded with his paws. After you massaged the soothing wax into his paws the urge to lick will disappear since your dog doesn’t feel any pain in his paws anymore.

Product Reviews

Musher’s Secret Natural Paw Protection for Dogs

Musher's Secret Natural Paw Protection for Dogs

Product Highlights

  • All-natural foot cream for dogs
  • Invisible stain-proof dog boots
  • Safe non-toxic moisturizer
  • Made from a blend of several food grade waxes then refined
  • Semi-permeable shield absorbs into the paws

Customer reviews

I’ve been a professional dog groomer for 10 years, and I use this product all the time. I use Musher’s Secret to protect paws both from the salt and cold in winter and it also helps protect paws from hot pavement in the warmer seasons.

My dog’s paws don’t crack and dry as much in the heat. I was skeptical about the claims of it being non staining but it really is true. It doesn’t seem to get anywhere even if he runs around immediately after it’s put on.

This is a great product. I have a yellow lab and he gets big cracks in his paws. I loved the product, his paws felt like “people skin” just after TWO applications. This is all natural, and so it gives me relief when he tried to lick it off. I will definitely try this again.


Paw Nectar 100% Organic Natural Paw Wax

Paw Nectar 100% Organic Natural Paw Wax

Product Highlights

  • Holistic natural organic paw wax
  • Safe for dogs and humans
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Fast acting and lasting

Customer reviews

This is a really nice product. Its almost as firm as candle wax so I just rub the bottom of my dog’s paw on it in the container, then rub it around with my fingers to distribute it on her pads. It smells great – I think it’s the lavender oil-and the texture is smooth and light.

I bought this healing wax for my puppy and he loves the little paw massage that we give him. There are no more rough areas on his paws. This product is a must-have for pet owners.

This item worked very well. I ordered it because my dog was having a contact allergy on her feet. Every morning I rub her paws with this and the allergy has not bothered her.


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