Top 2 Alpaca Halters around $20

alpacasEvery year at the first weekend of October the famous Wool Festival takes place in Taos, New Mexico.  A great event!  It attracts every year more and more exhibitors and visitors.  The great thing is that most often the weather is just perfect, autumnally colorful, sunny and warm – which, well, is unusual for Taos, being at an altitude of over 7,000 feet, around this time of the year.

One of the biggest attractions at the Wool Festival – and there are many, very many of them – are the Alpacas.  I love these animals.  They look cute, even when I know they are not really cuddly animals.  But their open expression of their curiosity toward everybody and everything is just phenomenal.

Generally Alpacas are kept and bred for their fiber.  They give more wool than Llamas, their wool is in a single layer and therefore very fine.  But Alpacas are perfect animals for small homesteads.  They are considered to be an easy care livestock.  They enjoy being outdoors all four seasons, they are hardy and disease-resistant.

Alpacas are actually great pets.  Because of their gentle personality they are good animals for being around children.  Nevertheless, it is important to know for every Alpaca owner that the life span of Alpacas embraces 15 to 25 years.  Having them as pet is a life commitment.

And!  Don’t forget, Alpacas are herd animals, they can’t live alone, they would suffer mentally and physically.  It’s said that you can keep as many as 4-5 Alpacas per acre.  You can start your herd with at least two animals, even better three.  The good news is that even a small herd is financially viable what makes them ideal for hobby farmers or people with limited land space.

One of the first things you need to get for your Alpacas are Alpaca halters, head straps. Hamilton’s Alpaca Halter with buckle and adjustable head strap guarantees for a great quality.

alpaca halterIf you lead one Alpaca with a halter where you want them to be, the whole herd will follow. Before you choose your preferred model of an Alpaca halter, make sure that the size will fit your Alpaca.  The available Alpaca halters are made for normal sized Alpacas, may them be small or big.

If your Alpaca is of an unusual big size, consider getting a Llama halter.  Llamas, even though they belong to the same family like Alpacas, are generally larger.

Product Reviews

Weaver Leather’s Alpaca Halter

Weaver Leather Alpaca Halter

Product Highlights

  • Constructed from 5/8″ nylon
  • Criss-cross design
  • Medium size
  • Nickel-plated hardware

Customer reviews

It was very easy to put on and I didn’t have any problems.  Very light weight, but strong.

Halter is of good quality.  The large halter fit my small one.


Hamilton Alpaca Halter

Hamilton Alpaca Halter

Product Highlights

  • Average adult size alpaca halter
  • With buckle adjustable head strap
  • Sturdy nickel hardware
  • 100% first run nylon webbing and box stitching
  • Shoe grade construction eyelets enhance look and eliminate fraying
  • All cuts are finished away from the neck and head to avoid irritation

Customer reviews

I have now used it and love it! It is easily adjustable and I love the bright color of it. This halter now belongs to one of my lovely white girls.

Item worked perfectly for our female alpaca.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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