Top 2 Cat Caves around $50

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave LargeCats need to have a bed – well, not necessarily your bed although that place is most often a hit for every cat. I mean a real cat bed, a place that‘s just there for your cat. A cat cave!

A good cat cave should keep your cat warm during colder winter days and cool during warmer summer days. That really is possible. I found two great models that come with high quality requirements.

Cats need a bed to call their own. It‘s their instinct for privacy that makes them – if they don‘t have a bed for themselves – retreat in your bedroom and hide under your bed blanket. You know what a I mean.

A cat cave gives not just a personal own space for your cat but also a hideout place from where your cat can observe the surroundings without being part of it. Another instinct of cats. Observing from a hiding point, watching and in case something is interesting enough jumping out and hunting it.

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed LargeShy cats, if you have rescue cats or shy kittens, just love to call a cat cave their own in which they can disappear and just be. You will though discover that your shy cat will soon enough stick the head out and watch the world from this safe place. First signs of interest and displaying their being at ease with you and your home.

If you have just one kitten still get the large version of the cat cave. Until your cat grows bigger just add some fluffy blankets which your kitten is accepting as his own.

The here presented two top models of a cat cave come with a spacious entrance to make it real easy for your cats to move in and out. You can also use these caves as padded mat once flattened out and then reuse them as cave.

Very important is that these cat caves are made of 100% natural material with no chemicals added to it. Since your cat most probably will spend many hours a day in it, it should be a harmless and healthy place. The material on the other hand needs to be soft enough for cats to be accepted as favorite place – otherwise they just go back to your bedroom and under your nicely warm bed blanket.

Give your cats this cat cave as surprising gift and be surprised yourself about how happy your cats will be with it.

Product Reviews

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Large

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Large

Product Highlights

  • Handmade from 100% Merino wool
  • Spacious large hideout for all size cats
  • Completely free from chemicals and synthetic fabrics
  • Anti-bacterial and easy to clean‘
  • Naturally repels odor, dirt and stains
  • Size approximately: 19“ diameter, 12“ height, 8“ entrance

Customer reviews

All of a sudden I found my cat all comfy, curled up inside her soft bed and hasn’t slept anywhere else since. It even came with a really cute felt spiral toy. Great quality and pretty bed. Love it.

High quality, thicker and heavier than I expected. I think it makes them feel cozy and safe, and looks a lot nicer than their little blankets and boxes!

I just received this and both of my cats are obsessed already. I might have to get a second one because they are bickering over this bed. Both of my cats are large breed cats (20lbs) but they fit very well. Very cute, great product.


Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed Large

Twin Critters Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed Large

Product Highlights

  • Handcrafted in Nepal from 100% all-natural New Zealand wool
  • Spacious hideout great for cats of all sizes
  • Color: grey, comes in 3 more colors
  • Super soft yet durable wool
  • Can also be used flattened into a padded mat
  • Chemical-free

Customer reviews

This is a nice, thick, well-made cat bed/cave. The top of the cave is firm enough to hold its shape when the cave is not in use or when a cat is inside the cave, but it’s designed to squish down into a curved cat bed if you cat steps on top of it. It’s nearly always occupied!

This is a quality product, I am so impressed! I’m on the lookout now for friends with cats as I know this would be a great gift. Buster made a home of it immediately.

My two rescue cats absolutely love this Cave. One is a slender 9 pounds and th other is a robust 13 pounds. Both cats fit into it with room to spare. They enjoy it during the winter to stay warm and the summer for cool shade. A well made product and worth the price.

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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