Top 2 Cat Flap Doors

Cat Mate Large Cat Door WhiteWe were once pet-sitting two cats. One of them was a hunter, he spent most of his awake time outdoors hunting whatever came before his eyes. He had one of these great cat flap doors. This cat‘s personal preference was that the cat flap door offered enough space for him to fit through with his daily prey.

Well, that was this cat‘s requirement. What are your requirements for a good cat flap door? I have here some points to be considered in order to find the best cat flap door making it for your cat real easy to move in and out.

First of all a cat flap door works best when connecting indoors with outdoors, but many cat owners use them as well for the door to the basement where the cat litter box is.

What makes these cat flap doors great is that they‘re 4-way lockable. What does that mean? You can set the lock on the flap 4 different ways: open – in only – out only – and fully locked. Thanks to this feature you have full control over your cat‘s movements making it easy for you to keep your cat in or out.

A good cat flap door needs to be weather-proof. Neither wind nor rain should enter your home just because your cat is moving in and out. Thanks to rainproof frame seals and draft-proof seals with magnetic closure you can be sure that the weather stays outside and only your cat enters your home.

Some cats show shyness with using a cat flap door even more so when they never saw a door like that before. To encourage your cat to use the new cat door lure your cat with treats or the favorite toy from the other side. Most of the cats get the hang out of it quite fast and even enjoy walking through the door frequently.

Make sure that the cut out size of the your new cat door will fit your cat. Large cat flap doors are most often the best choice just to make it really comfortable for your cat to move through the door easily and undisturbed. Large cat doors are recommended for a shoulder height of about 13“.

A good cat flap door should be easy to install. I totally understand being a bit nervous about cutting a hole into your door, but with good instructions that come with the door you should be fine. The most important thing is to measure carefully before cutting into the door. Some cat flap doors even are installable through walls or thinner panels.

Product Reviews

Cat Mate Large Cat Door White

Cat Mate Large Cat Door White

Product Highlights

  • White large cat flap door with liner 4-way locking
  • Brush strip to reduce energy loss and silent action
  • Cut out size of 8.25“ x 9“ and overall size of 9.25“ x 10“
  • Fitted with rainproof external frame seal
  • Features a draft and weatherproof seal with magnetic closure
  • For cats and dogs up to a shoulder height of 14“
  • Ideal for doors and thin panels

Customer reviews

We installed this about two months ago now. Easy installation. The cats took a while to get used to using it. Love the locking feature. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing a cat door.

Our cat particularly likes that the flaps are see through as he can sit behind one and stare out at what is going on before deciding to enter the room. We put one on the door from the mud room to the kitchen and one on the door leading down to the basement. Recommend!

This product is awesome!! We have two cats and they use this to wander between the house and our garages/basement. The cats became super comfortable with using it. The locking features comes in very handy as well!


Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door

Product Highlights

  • Made from clear weather-resistant unbreakable Lexan
  • Durable, low maintenance weather-proof pet flap with inner telescoping frame
  • For cats up to 12 lbs.
  • Installs easily and securely
  • Size: 6.25“ square

Customer reviews

Looks good and works! My cat got it almost instantly! I would gladly recommend it to anybody!

This cat door is amazing we have one for going outside and one going to the basement for my kitty’s cat liter box! You can lock them from either side if you want to keep them on one side of the door or the other ! Easy to clean when needed and mounts into door easily with the right tools of course!

Perfect size, very low profile when mounted in door. Great price. Would definitely buy again.


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