Top 2 Horse Feed Bags under $20

Prairie Horse Supply Feed Bag for HorsesThere were many moments in my horse caring and riding time when I had to use horse feed bags for different reasons.

If you‘re a horse owner or a soon-to-be horse owner you surely will need a horse feed bag sooner or later, let‘s say, definitely sooner than later.

You find many reasons why a horse feed bag is necessary for your horse, pony or even for your donkey. Let‘s take a look at what a good horse feed bag should look like.

Updated 2018

I already wrote about my beloved Thoroughbred mare Csacsa. She was a special horse – well, special for me of course because close to my heart, but she was also particular with her feeding habits. She definitely needed a safe place to feed, safely far away from the other horses. Her shy character made it really difficult for her to get her ration when the food was openly distributed.

Csacsa had her personal feed bag to make sure that she got her ration of daily food. Horses are like that, many of them anyway. They are jealous of food and attention. Some horses have alpha-characters meaning they are leaders and demand only access to food and attention. With a feed bag you can help the non-alpha horses to still get their food. A feed bag surely creates justice and also harmony among horses.

Another essential reason for using a feed bag is the avoid waste of food. Certainly you observed that horses feeding off an open feed holder spill the grain all over the stable‘s ground. You won‘t have this problem with a horse feed bag. Some horse owner even estimate that they save up to 2 bags of grain by using feed bags.

Cashel Feed Bag for HorsesWhat is a quality horse feed bag made of? It should be made of a sturdy but still breathable material. Many feed bags are made of a mesh that keeps the food inside but lets the water flow through when the horse is drinking water while eating.

It needs to be sturdy so biting horses can’t attack it with their teeth from the outside. And it needs to be breathable for obvious reasons.

A good horse feed bag comes with a strap that is adjustable and with a size that fits the head of the horse easily.

Most of the brands offer different sizes. You‘ll find large size for Draft and Warmblood, medium size for medium sized horses such as Arab and small Quarter Horse and small size for weanling foals and Yearlings. Make sure that you‘ll get the right size for your horse, pony or donkey.

Product Reviews

Prairie Horse Supply Feed Bag for Horses

Prairie Horse Supply Feed Bag for Horses

Product Highlights

  • Medium size fits horse such as Arab, small Quater Horse and similar sizes
  • Also available in Large and Small
  • Constructed of quality sturdy breathable coated mesh
  • Adjustable strap with quick clip durable snap buckle

Customer review

No more wasted feed. The bag holds up nicely against aggressive eaters and horses who need their food wet. Allows for air flow and withstands pesky pasture mates who try to bite the sides of the bag. Very pleased!!


Cashel Feed Bag for Horses

Cashel Feed Bag for Horses

Product Highlights

  • Also available in mini, small and large
  • Spillproof design
  • Constructed of sturdy breathable coated mesh
  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable snap and elastic straps that retract as grain is eaten
  • White tag to mark the horse‘s name

Customer reviews

There is a spill catch flap on the inside bottom to prevent spillage. Mesh means if they just HAVE to drink something while eating the goobers won’t drown. It just pours right back out. Mesh also means they can easily breath while eating. Great adjustability along with some stretchy so that as they eat the bucket stays close to their mouth. Safe, easily slips over the ears. Easy to clean.

Have used these for years. Wouldn’t feed my horse without one, EVER again. Probably saving a bag or two of grain cost with the “no spillage” factor plus she gets to eat good clean food.

Great bag for feeding older horses who drop their feed when eating. No more waste of feed and supplements with the solid bottom. The mesh sides are less confining, allowing horses to breathe normally and also allow them to drink water with them on.

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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