Top 2 Horse Fly Masks around $30

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with EarsGenerally when it comes to horse fly masks you have the choice between a so-called quiet-ride horse fly mask and full-face covering mask that‘s used on the pasture. The difference is obvious.

The quiet-ride fly mask gives your horse free vision.

The standard fly mask on the other hand covers most often not just the horse‘s face but also the ears totally.

It depends on your horse‘s preference which one you would choose. Some horses want to have free vision on the pasture as well and would rather wear the quiet-ride fly mask. The good news is that both types of fly masks work with the same efficiency keeping the flies and gnats off of your horse.

Of course, you also have the option to use a natural fly spray for horses. Some horses though don‘t like to be sprayed around their eyes and ears. These horses may be candidates for wearing a fly mask. Also you wouldn’t be able to use donkey fly masks that are specifically designed for donkey heads and ears.

You know what habit horses developed in their permanent fight against flies: they stand head to tail to each other. Their constantly moving tails chase the flies form each other‘s head away. If your horse is alone on a pasture a fly mask will do that job for him keeping the flies and gnats away.

The following models are very comfortable and made with a soft breathable material that makes it for a horse really easy to accept it and to wear it. Some horse owner even experienced that their horses express wanting to wear the fly mask – those horses learned how pain-free and hassle-free they can be on a pasture while wearing a horse fly mask.

The brands offering their horse fly masks give detailed information about how to measure your horse‘s head in order to find the right size fly mask. Since these fly masks are so affordable you may try different brands until you find the one that your horse likes as much as you do.

Product Reviews

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with Ears

Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask with Ears

Product Highlights

  • Horse fly mask with ears
  • 70% UV protection
  • Soft durable breathable mesh cap for extra comfort
  • Patented forelock hole keeps hair out of horse‘s eyes

Customer reviews

Great Fly mask! Protects and great material! Also has UV protection.Looks so cute on my horse.

This is a very nicely fitting fly mask. My pony looks adorable in it, too! I like how the eye area doesn’t touch his eyes. The edges are all very soft binding and the ear cloth is very soft, too. The mask over the face is made of a stiffer material that holds its shape, while the ears are made out of the stuff gym shorts are made out of, breathable and light.

Good, heavy duty fly mask. This is the only one that my horses still have on at the end of the day. Ear covers are soft and generous in room. They also clean up well. I would recommend this mask.


Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly Mask

Cashel Quiet Ride Standard Horse Fly Mask

Product Highlights

  • Style with ears
  • Protects horse while riding
  • Sheer mesh gives clear line of vision on the trail
  • Easily and quickly attaches over bridle
  • Lightweight, comfortable and nonrestrictive

Customer reviews

The gnats are far worse than the flies here and this mask is much lighter weight than the regular Cashel masks. No rubbing or irritating my horse’s skin. I’m sure it’s much easier for him to see a night as well. I love the opening for my horse’s forelock, and it fits really well. Great product. I’ll buy more for next gnat season. Very pleased.

This is by far the nicest face mask I have ever seen or used for that matter. I love the fact that my timid Arabian mare can see clearly with no obstruction to her eyesight. The material for the ears is breathable and soft, along with the how it fits over her face and the wide strong velcro holds it in place very very well. I would recommend this mask to anyone needing one.

The Cashel masks have become a staple in my rides. The flies are so bad, the horses are very irritated. These take care of that problem. Lightweight, offer good visibility. Easy to put on. Fit well. Wash well.. Good price. Highly recommend.

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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