Top 2 Reptile-safe Terrarium Water Conditioners around $5

water conditioner for reptilesYou need to add water to your terrarium to keep your turtles and other reptiles happy and healthy. In order to keep this water clean for your little reptile pet friends you need to add a reptile-safe terrarium water conditioner.

What are these reptile-safe terrarium water conditioners doing and what do you need to know for your terrarium and reptile pets? And while I‘m writing about reptile-safe water conditioners you may include here amphibians and fish. Of course.

Reptile-safe terrarium water conditioners are great for terrariums as the name states but also for reptile water bowls, drip water systems, for all kinds of amphibian enclosures and aquatic turtle tanks.

These reptile-safe terrarium water conditioners remove harmful chemicals such as chloramines and chlorines. They detoxify ammonia and nitrites and free from harmful organisms such as salmonella. And they provide essential ions and electrolytes which stimulate slime coat development in amphibians and fish.

If the water conditioner comes as a block – as many do – you might experience that your little reptile friends even love to nibble on them. This is no problem, since these water conditioners come with vital and healthy ingredients.

You might not „see“ a direct effect when you add this water conditioner to your terrarium. But you will see healthier and happier reptiles moving in the cleaned water and drinking it.

Product Reviews

Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner

Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner

Product Highlights

  • Instant terrarium water conditioner
  • Removes chlorines and chloramines
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Stimulates natural slime coat
  • Size: 8.75 oz

Customer reviews

I read that I only needed two drops per 8 oz of water, and since my turtle’s dish is very small, I just barely squeeze one drop out. I can see it spread through the water, and now I feel better about my turtle drinking the water that comes out our faucet. Using only that tiny amount also makes this bottle last a while!

Safe for hermit crabs. Was told this was a quality brand with none of the typical chemicals that harm crabs.

A must for the turtle tank. Always arrives early.


Tetra ReptoGuard Water Conditioner Block

Tetra ReptoGuard Water Conditioner Block

Product Highlights

  • Each turtle-shaped block treats up to 20 gallon
  • Available as a single pack or 3-pack
  • Time-release
  • Sulfa block helps to control a variety of disease-causing organisms. including salmonella

Customer reviews

These little things work great for my little turtles! I think they seem a bit happier in their tank since I used the first one.

Great product. Great price! Win! Win! Keeps the water clean and sanitary.

Keeps my water clear and my tiny turtles babies love to play with it!

*Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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