Top 3 Alfalfa Pellet Feed for Horses

Oasis Organics Organic Alfalfa PelletsWhen it comes to feeding your animals you know how important it is for me to look out for healthy organic and natural products. It‘s the same when it comes to horses. Getting your horse high quality Alfalfa Pellets, best organic pellets, is of foremost importance.

Adding Alfalfa pellets to your horse‘s daily diet has its reasons. But, it‘s essential to know that Alfalfa pellets won‘t replace hay.

Alfalfa pellets don‘t replace hay because they don‘t contain long-stem fiber that‘s necessary for stimulating the horse‘s digestive tract motility. You might get into the situation where hay is scarce. In this case you can replace hay with alfalfa pellets together with beet pulp or alfalfa cubes – both containing long-stem fiber. But this certainly wouldn’t be a longterm solution.

So, what are the reasons why you feed your horse with alfalfa pellets?

First, alfalfa pellets are a good source for calories without making your horse „hot“. A hot horse is a horse that suddenly goes wild and excited. For decades the idiom „This horse is feeling its oats“ is known, meaning that horses that feed on oats, corn, barley and bran – if in big quantities – may get affected by the carbohydrates rush and change their behavior.

Well, I just said the keyword: in big quantities. A handful oats won‘t affect any horse, the same with daily alfalfa pellet feeding. As long as you don‘t overdo it.

Also before feeding alfalfa pellets make sure that your horse is not allergic to alfalfa – which happens sometimes. These horses will usually get „hot“ on alfalfa.

Alfalfa pellets also provide protein and calories for the horses. Here too use alfalfa pellets as addition to hay that provides much more protein. That‘s why you may offer alfalfa to nursing horses and horses that refuse to eat properly. It is in any case recommended to contact your vet before feeding alfalfa pellets.

Getting your horse through hard winter months with less pasture time and scarce hay is the main reason why you may add alfalfa pellets to your horse‘s daily diet. The best alfalfa pellets are certified organic and show vibrant color and fragrance.

Product Reviews

STANDLEE HAY COMPANY Premium Alfalfa Pellet

STANDLEE HAY COMPANY Premium Alfalfa Pellet

Product Highlights

  • Premium Alfalfa pellets forage
  • High quality
  • Great for using around the farm or stable
  • 40 lbs bag

Customer reviews

This is a very high quality product that appears to contain only the very best alfalfa with no fillers or binders.

You can’t beat the value of this bag. The pellets are very green and very fragrant.

Great product! Fast shipping!


Oasis Organics Organic Alfalfa Pellets

Oasis Organics Organic Alfalfa Pellets

Product Highlights

  • Cut from certified alfalfa fields
  • Non-GMO alfalfa pellets certified organic by CCOF
  • No herbicides, no pesticides, no additives
  • Rich in color and contains right balance of nutrition
  • 50 lbs bag

Customer reviews

Clean and dust-free. Horse loves it!

Excellent product, delivered promptly–no problems.

Really nice quality and as far as I can find it is the cheapest NON GMO alfalfa around.


Coyote Creek Organic Alfalfa Pellets

Coyote Creek Organic Alfalfa Pellets

Product Highlights

  • Non-GMO project verified
  • USDA certified organic alfalfa
  • Provides a protein and Omega-3 boost
  • Suitable for all livestock animals
  • 20 lbs bag

No customer reviews yet


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