Top 3 Bird Hideaways under $10

bird hideawayBirds need privacy, a place they can call their own, like so many other pet.

They like to hide in a nest-like hut, shelter or any other kind of hideaway.

Getting your pet birds a hideaway is one step toward helping to establish calmness and rest for them.

Updated 2017

A bird hideaway gives your beloved bird a place of his own where he feels safe.  They look so cute and comfortable when they sit in their hideaways.  Actually it is recommended to have a bird hideaway if your little bird shows anxiety related problems.  But also healthy and happy birds benefit from having a hideaway.  They use it for their naps, for some play time and also to hide from loud scary noises made for example by vacuum cleaners.

It is recommended to choose a color for your new bird hideaway that comes the closest to your bird’s natural plumage.  This will make it much easier for your bird to accept the new place.

Since many birds like to chew their toys and hideaways, make sure when you first place your new bird hideaway into the bird cage that you supervise your bird.  Watch how your bird is approaching the new hideaway.  Prevue Hendryx Coco Bird HideawaySome birds immediately accept it as sleeping place, others might show more hesitation.  And others, well, the chewers, like to get immediately a taste of the new shelter.  For them a bird hideaway made of natural material would be the best solution.  In any case the bird hideaway should always be a safe place with no danger of any injuries.

Some birds like to climb and prefer a hideaway with a hanging ladder.  Others just want to fly into the shelter.  Find out what your bird likes the most.  Fortunately a bird hideaway is extremely affordable, so you can easily try different models.

Many models of bird hideaways are machine washable, a great advantage.  Make sure before choosing a model that the size is comfortable for your bird.  Birds like to sit in the bird hideaways as long as they don’t feel too cramped.  They should be able to stand in it without touching the walls of the hut or shelter.  Here too though, there are birds that like being hugged by the walls of the hut.  Find out what your bird likes the most.

Product Reviews

Coco Hideaway with Ladder

Prevue Hendryx Coco Bird Hideaway

Product Highlights

  • Handmade from 100% natural sustainable materials
  • Hevea wood branches, coconut shell and natural sisal rope
  • With ladder
  • Variety of natural textures encourages bird’s foot and beak exercise
  • Connects easily to cage with quick-link attachments
  • Ideal for small to medium sized birds

Customer reviews

This is such an adorable accessory to his cage.  I prefer natural stuff (non-plastic) in my own life, so its nice to find something like this for my parakeet.

I have it in my finch cage right now.  I used it as a nesting box and there is a baby bird in it and an egg. I put torn cotton balls inside it and they nested in it the same day.

I bought this for my lovebird and she loves it. It brings a lot of life to her cage and makes her happy!


Bird Snuggle Sack

Prevue Snuggle Sack Bird Nest

Product Highlights

  • Plastic insert in fleece bottom keeps the sack’s roomy shape
  • Soft, plush-lined inside will please any bird
  • Canvas outside is built to last
  • Easily hang in any cage with the two attached hooks
  • For small animals as well

Customer review

My bird loves it.


Bird Snuggle Hammock

Vktech Plush Bird Hammock Hideaway

Product Highlights

  • Hanging snuggle cave hut
  • Thick plush fabric
  • Nice shed for heat preservation
  • Easy and portable to hang with the bilateral hooks
  • Practical and trendy design, in different colors available

Customer reviews

My parrot is almost 10 years old, and he got his first happy hut at 10 weeks old.  He hasn’t been without one since.  He goes through about 1 per year.

My conure loved his sleepy house. He hangs out in it to sleep and chill all the time.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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