Top 3 Dog Rope Leashes 6 feet

ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog LeashI already wrote about retractable dog leashes that are perfect for small to medium sized dogs. With large dog breeds you might though look for a strong rope leash that holds against strong pulling or even chewing.

There are some requirements that a dog rope leash should fulfill in order to be comfortable in your hand and to withstand your dog‘s strength.

At first glance a dog rope leash may display a simple design but it never should be made of simple materials. It‘s nothing more than a rope and a clip, but they should be made of the best quality possible.

ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog LeashA great dog rope leash material is the mountain climbing rope. What is a mountain climbing rope made of? Well, the very first ones were made of natural fibers like sisal. Contemporary models are made of nylon with a twisted or laid construction. Several nylon filaments are bunched into strands and those are twisted together creating the rope. Through several other steps like heating it the mountain climbing rope becomes strengthened.

The clip should be made of stainless steel which will last for years. This is what you‘re looking for when you choose a new dog rope leash. It should withstand every pulling and every chewing and providing you and your dog safe walking and hiking experiences.

ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog LeashMost of the available dog rope leashes have a length of 6 feet. That‘s perfect for giving your dog space for roaming around and great for you to still keep control over your dog. Most of the available dog rope leashes are half an inch thick. If you find a thicker model be aware that this rope will be very sturdy but also heavier in your hand.

Some brands offer differently colored rope leashes. Some dog owners prefer neon-like colors like orange or pink in order to be seen at night. You certainly can find your favorite color.

Another advantage of the dog rope leash is that it‘s easy to be stored away. Just roll it up and place it wherever you keep it ready for your walks. This feature is helpful for all your shared camping and hiking adventures.

Product Reviews

Remington Pet Green Rope Leash 6 feet

Product Highlights

  • Rope leash, green
  • Dimension: 6 ft. long and 0.5“ thick
  • Flexible rope leash for easy folding and storage
  • Swivel snap
  • Made of soft braided nylon

Customer reviews

I needed a non-retractable leash that could stand up to a destructive chewer. This leash is thick, durable, and she hasn’t managed to make a dent in it when she chews it. It’s also made by Remington, so you know it has to be good quality.

This is a well-made dog leash. This one is the same green as shown and the “leather” looks good as well. The clip secures nice and firmly. It IS a bit heavier as far as leashes go. At first this slowed my little 15 pound dog down. It actually helped her not pull so much, truthfully.

We’ve a Great Dane, Luther, who upon using this has just felt like a complete stud. For me, I love the look of it – from the leather to the braided cording. It’s just a very good looking, well made, leash. I don’t see the need for another leash perhaps ever. And again, Luther is the talk of the dog town.


Extremely Durable Mountain Climbing Dog Rope Leash

Extremely Durable Mountain Climbing Dog Rope LeashProduct Highlights

  • Made of mountain climbing rope
  • Dimension: 6 ft. long and 0.5“ thick
  • Sturdy bull snap for safe and worry-free collar attachment
  • Comfortable but durable handle
  • Color: blue, also available in black, red, gray, orange and purple

Customer reviews

I’ve had this leash for about a year. I have a 60 pound catahoula with godlike strength and he had/has a bit of a pulling problem. This leash has served well through all this time and still looks good as new. The length is also perfect because it lets him go a bit out of the way but still keeps him close. Don’t hesitate to buy this leash!

Really strong leash. I have an 8 month old Doberman and she sometimes pulls and jerks hard. This leash can take it and is pretty easy on my hand too. It has a nice woven pattern.

This is a great training leash. My dog immediately responds to command exceptionally well with this leash. And the vibrant blue and orange combo is nice and the rope is easy on the hands. Highly recommended and a must for your four legged fur baby.


ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Leash

ZippyPaws Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Product Highlights

  • Made of real mountain climbing rope
  • Tested tensile strength of 1,000 lbs.
  • Extra durable with heavy duty snap hook
  • Dimensions: 6 ft. long and 0.6“ thick
  • Exclusive woven design comfortable to hold

Customer reviews

So far, this leash is my favorite for use on large and giant breed dogs! The thickness, length and overall function is superb. Extremely comfortable on hands and arms, perfect length and very durable. The snap clasp is easy to attach, excellent control and flexibility.

This is a beast of a leash. I think it could hold a tiger it is that good. This leash is high quality durable and should last quite a while with a dog that pulls on leashes a lot. I recommend this leash for any person with a medium to large dog. This will work for you.

Great quality – looks and feels very well made. No complaints. Highly recommended for anyone who owns a bigger dog.


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