Top 3 Pet Car Seat Cover between $20 and $50

Just4Pets Auto Back Pet Seat CoverRecently I was invited to a weekend trip by a friend who’s car turned out to be covered with dog hair all over. It was impossible to find a clean sitting place. Well, we ended up using another car for our trip. But for my friend I would have strongly recommended to get a pet car seat cover.

Pet car seat covers cover the car’s seats perfectly and securely. And let me say that: it’s not just for your friends who want to ride in your car, it’s also for your dog’s comfort. A back seat that is covered by a simple bed sheet might work if your dog is extremely calm.

Updated 2017

dog in carSome dogs get very excited when it’s about getting in the car. They love to ride with you, hang their heads out the window and catch the wind and the flying-by landscape. If your dog shows this behavior combined with jumping around on the back seat, try to get a pet car seat cover – and you might experience a surprise.

The excitement of some dogs is actually a sort of restlessness out of a lack of safety feeling. The moment you place your dog on the car seat cover, even better when it comes with a seat belt like NAC&ZAC is offering it, your dog might considerably calm down. Your dog’s excitement wasn’t so much about the joy of riding in the car but the unease feeling of being unsecured. Try it! Many dog owners make this experience.

NAC&ZAC Pet Seat Cover With Seat BeltMost of the pet car seat covers are machine washable which feature makes cleaning very easy, certainly simpler than cleaning the whole car. Some dog owners even buy two seat covers to always have one at hand.

You need to make sure that the pet car seat cover is properly installed. The instructions coming with the seat cover help with all the necessary handling.

Some seat cover come as hammock. Others come as whole-seat cover that need to be strapped to the back of the seat. Your car decides which kind and size of pet seat cover you need to get.

Product Reviews

NAC&ZAC Pet Seat Cover With Seat Belt

NAC&ZAC Pet Seat Cover With Seat Belt

Item Highlights

  • Heavy duty sturdy and quilted material
  • 3 layers with PU waterproofing
  • Reinforced headrest straps and clips
  • Nonslip rubber backing material and straps to hold the cover in place
  • Seat belt openings with Velcro
  • Extra bonus pet car seat belt
  • Side flaps for extra protection
  • Adjustable straps with clips for easy installation

Customer reviews

This is an amazing product! It was so wonderful for my two puppies traveling across the country. It fit well and kept them comfortable!

I have the full back seat and this fits perfect. It’s made well and I like the extra side seat coverage and the pieces that tuck into the seats to keep it in place. It’s nice quality and I would recommend. I also appreciate the seat belt strap that came extra, helps keep my guy in the back seat!

The pet seat cover can be used with or without a tether to a seatbelt. Our small dog loves the freedom to be able to go side-to-side in the back seat. This cover restrains her from flying between the front seat in the event of fast breaking.


BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

Item Highlights

  • Made with heavy-duty durable waterproof polyester
  • Designed with premium components for a long lasting experience
  • Quilted pattern for high-end feel
  • Seat anchor to hold placement
  • Nonslip backing to prevent sliding
  • Bottom seat skirt for fuller coverage and very snug fit
  • Adjustable and reinforced headrest strap for easy installation
  • Extreme-temperature resistance and machine-washable

Customer reviews

I absolutely love the BarksBar seat covers! Super easy to take in & out of the car. They wash up beautifully & dry quick. The anchors stay perfectly in place even with 2 large pit bulls jumping around on them.

We are going to use them when we transport our dogs. They cover most of the seat and especially are good covering the lower section.

Traveling with 4 dogs can be messy and I am on the roads constantly with them. This front seat cover helps the car stay clean. An adjustable strap is a plus. Have dogs? You need this product!


Auto Back Pet Seat Cover

Just4Pets Auto Back Pet Seat Cover

Item Highlights

  • Specially designed to hold on to the car seat
  • Waterproof, high quality quilted material
  • With non slip backing
  • Easy install with hammock feature
  • Adjustable anchor system
  • Fits any vehicle

Customer reviews

I’ve got three pooches that get carted around in my car on a weekly basis. After having this in my car for a few weeks I can say without a doubt it offers a great amount of protection. The blocking of the center console is great.

The product seems to be made of quality materials and the stitching seems well done to create a durable product. It fits the back seat of my 2017 GMC Sierra perfectly and was very easy to install and remove.

Keeps my car clean and if I have to stop quickly it keeps my dog from falling down on the floorboard.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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