Top 3 Plastic Terrarium Plants for Reptiles and Amphibians

terrarium plantsIt doesn’t matter what you keep in your terrarium – frogs, snakes, lizards, geckos or turtles – you will need to add some greenery to the terrarium in order to keep your reptile or amphibian pet happy and healthy. Can you find in the picture the lizard hidden in the vines?

Terrarium vines are doubtlessly a requirement for your pet reptiles or pet amphibians, but they are also important for you, for your aesthetic feeling when you look at the terrarium. What do you need to know about vines and plastic plants for terrariums?

plastic terrarium plantsMany reptiles and amphibians need something to climb on, a natural element in their terrarium that makes them move as their instinct tells them.

Vines and plants are great terrarium additions because they provide exactly that, an obstacle and challenge for your little reptile pet.

Jungle vines and terrarium plants add more space to the terrarium and the home of your pet. With their leaves and branches they enlarge the dwelling area. The best terrarium plants are bendable and twistable. You can create therefore a very life-like natural 3D habitat for your reptile or amphibian.

Many reptiles and amphibians also have the need to hide. Vines and thick plants create a perfect spot for that where your pets can hide and rest and recover – and still look out to the world and see what’s going on out there.

These terrarium plants are made of plastic that makes them perfect for spots in a terrarium where you can’t have living plants. And they are really easy to clean and disinfect. Some of the presented models come with suction cups, so you can fix them stable onto the tank wall and it holds the weight of the reptile or amphibian even when they move around quite forcefully.

Plastic vines and terrarium plants are very affordable, you can replace them easily if you  wish – but you probably will find out that they are sturdy enough to hold out for years. Terrarium plants are a very pretty and useful addition and accessory to your terrarium.

Product Reviews

Govine Plastic Terrarium Plant for Reptiles Amphibians

Govine Plastic Terrarium Plant for Reptiles Amphibians

Product Highlights

  • Made of silk and plastic
  • Extremely realistic replicas of real plants
  • Creates natural hiding spots for reptiles and amphibians
  • Ideal where real plants can‘t survive
  • Comes with suction cups to fixed in the tank
  • Size of longest fork: about 19.7“

Customer reviews

This looks great! I bought the smallest size, and it bigger than I expected. The color is beautiful and the leaves look much more realistic than the all plastic ones.

The coloration on this terrarium plant is pretty realistic. It’s easy to hang up and makes for good decoration.

My corn snake really loves this. It hangs by one suction cup at the top of his tank.


Exo Terra Jungle Vine

Exo Terra Jungle Vine

Product Highlights

  • Natural looking vines
  • Water-proof
  • Creates a 2-dimensional habitat
  • Twistable and bendable
  • Large size: 6 ft high and 0.5“ in diameter
  • Provides a climbing obstacle for reptiles

Customer reviews

I’ve been using Exo Terra Vines for my gecko tank since 2004. They’re great quality and perfect for adding extra climbing terrain above his cave, as well as making the whole environment look a lot less empty. The texture looks and feels very realistic, and has a really good grip. Highly recommended!

I was trying to create a happy environment for my veiled chameleon these vines are simply the best. Easy to bend and adjust. Easy to tie together. Fairly easy to clean. My lizard loves them.

My ball python loves this! I twisted the vine together and used bars to suspend it.


Fluker’s Repta Vines-Pothos for Reptiles Amphibians

Fluker's Repta Vines-Pothos for Reptiles Amphibians

Product Highlights

  • Lifelike and natural looking
  • Comes with suction cups to affix to the tank
  • Made of non-toxic polyethylene material
  • Easy to clean and disenfect
  • Length: 6 feet

Customer reviews

I bought these for my leopard gecko. I twisted them around the sides and top of his terrarium, and now he basks under them all day, crawls over them, and looks up into them. I can tell he loves them! A great addition at a great price!

The leaves on this vine are bendable and add so much fluff to our chameleon cage. Its incredibly soft leaves are perfect for our baby veiled chameleon, and he loves drinking the water that drips down from our little dripper onto them.

My snake loves to hide in these leaves. I have them sitting as a strand as well as spiraled around an exo terra jungle vine. They are very durable and have lasted for a long time. They haven’t faded, don’t have any weird smell, and are easy to clean.


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