Top 3 Turtle Tanks 20 gallon under $80

turtleWho doesn’t love turtles?  They are such fascinating animals.  And – they are perfect pets.  Perfect for adults though, not for kids, because they require quite some work and attention toward their habitat and keeping them clean and healthy.  It’s an important decision about getting a turtle as a pet, and maybe my post can help you make this decision.

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I remember one day in France I was fun driving with my 8-year-old nephew in the back region of the French Riviera, through a still wild and untouched landscape.  Suddenly I stopped my car and told my surprised nephew that he has to make a rescue.  Well, we got out of the car, and there, in the middle of the road, sat a medium sized turtle, just sun bathing.  We picked the turtle carefully up and carried it over to a marshy place.  Another car arrived and a French woman got out.  She saw the turtle in our hands and asked us to not keep the turtle as pet.  We agreed, it belonged here.  But!  Just as she said that, my nephew got the idea that having a turtle as pet could be nice …

Well, eventually we decided against it.  But you know what.  Since turtles don’t need your attention as much as let’s say dogs they are quite fine by being alone at home.  Perfect for you when you are a busy person and not much at home, but you still would like to have a pet. As long as you provide an appropriately sized tank for your turtle like Carolina’s 20 gallon tank your turtle should feel just fine.

An important fact is the life expectancy of turtles.  When you decide having a turtle, it is basically a life decision.  With good care your turtle can live for 15 to 40 years.  Here are some general rules: The bigger a turtle is the longer it will live.  Fresh water turtles live less long than salt water turtles.  Pet turtles live generally less long than wild turtles out in nature.

You don’t need to play with a turtle, it doesn’t wish for it.  A turtle is for sure no toy pet.  The time you have to take with a turtle is mostly about creating a perfect habitat for them and keeping it clean.  Your first step will be to purchase a turtle tank.  The tank needs to have a basking area and a swimming part that you actually can create in any aquarium tank.  Also look for the possibility to add a water filter to the tank.  A 20-gallon-tank is quite big so you can be sure that you don’t need a bigger tank as your turtle will grow.

Be aware to keep the tank clean – mostly its walls – and of course to change the water when you see it getting dirty.  These are the first and most important steps for you to pay attention to for a good health of your turtle.  Further steps include getting a filtering system, lights and a heater and of course, a proper feeding for your turtle.

Product Reviews

20 Gallon Aquarium Tank

Carolina Turtle Aquarium Tank

Product Highlights

  • Strong leak-proof aquarium
  • 20 gallon
  • Sides and a bottom of triple-strength
  • Clear glass welded together with silicone rubber
  • Nonreactive with seawater

Customer reviews

Heavy thick glass and well bonded/welded construction at the seams!  This should last forever!

The tank is very nice.  Nothing feels cheap and you should have no problems at all for whatever purpose you may use it for whether it be cage pets, or fish.


Amphibian or Reptile Tank

Carolina Amphibian Reptile Tank

Product Highlights

  • All-glass tank
  • With screened top
  • 20 gallon
  • Ideal for amphibians, reptiles and other small animals

Customer reviews

The tank allows plenty of room for my yellow-bellied slider to swim around and stay warm under his lamp.

I was excited to find a tank with this screen for my red eared slider.  Overall, it’s a good tank.


Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium

Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Aquarium

Product Highlights

  • 10 gallon empty aquarium
  • Made with high-strength silicone
  • Permanent water-tight seal
  • Perfect starter aquarium for fish and reptiles

Customer reviews

Excellent tank… well sealed.

My beta Bobby loves his new tank full of silk flowers.

The tank is great! Was in great condition when I opened the pkg and my fish is happy swimming around in it!

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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