Top 4 Chinchilla Cages under $130

Midwest Homes for Pets Chinchilla CageA long time ago I worked for some months in a Chinchilla Breeding Station in Hungary.  This station had dozens of chinchilla cages with hundreds of chinchillas.  I was fascinated by these rodents with their thick soft fur, but mostly I was amazed about their motion-loving headstrong personalities.  In short time I advanced there as chinchilla catcher – because of my fast reactions.  Those chinchillas though weren’t pets, you could the the breeding parents even call being wild.  But their babies were sold as pets to interested people all over the world.

This is the best situation if you want to get a Chinchilla as pet: getting them as young.  When you handle young chinchillas gently and patiently, your chinchilla will bond closely with you.

Updated 2018

Even being tamed like that they still don’t always like to be cuddled.  But well, aren’t cats the same?  Chinchillas have also their times where they want to be left alone.  A chinchilla can keep itself perfectly occupied in a good-sized roomy chinchilla cage with enough levels, ramps and shelves for their tireless exercises.

chinchillaAnother point that makes chinchillas perfect pets is that you actually can keep them singly.  Or if you want to have two chinchillas, look to get same sex pairs, best even would be litter mates.  This decision of course will influence the size of your chinchilla cage.

Generally said the bigger the cage is the better, and tall cages are the best anyway.  Chinchillas love to climb.  If you want to line the tray with wood shavings, use hardwood such as aspen that is preferred by chinchillas.  Also provide a nest box that is made of wood.  And cover any wired bottoms that would hurt the chinchilla’s feet.

One of the best chinchilla cages is the Small Animal Cage with Stand by MidWest. It is big enough for chinchillas and has a perfect height for maintenance and watching your beloved pets.

Since chinchillas have thick beautiful fur, they are quite susceptible to overheating.  Therefore take into careful consideration where you want to place your new chinchilla cage.  It should be a cool area of your home, the cage shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight.  Generally it’s said that the ambient temperature for chinchillas shouldn’t exceed 77 F.  In summer you can cool the cage by draping a damp towel over a part of the cage.

There are more facts you need to know before purchasing a chinchilla.  Their life expectancy is around 15 years, but there are stories about chinchillas reaching more than 20 years.  You commit therefore to a big part of your life when you accept a chinchilla as pet.

Chinchillas are called to be nocturnal, just like Hamsters.  Actually they are more crepuscular meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk.  In order to meet this characteristic you need to find a place for the cage where it is mostly quiet during day.

Another trait of chinchillas is that they really don’t like it at all when you lean over the cage to interact with them.  The cage should be placed on a table or stand.  This was a very important fact at the breeding station in Hungary.  All chinchillas were handled at eye height.  Finally chinchillas need very constant feeding times.  Every slight change disturbs them severely.

If you find the perfect cage but it has a wired floor that would hurt your chinchilla’s feet, you still can purchase it because there are many possibilities for you to make your own floor just as your pet wishes for it.

Product Reviews

Multi-Level Habitat

Kaytee Multi-Level Cage for Chinchillas

Product Highlights

  • Multiple levels
  • Solid plastic shelves and ramps
  • Latches made of chew-proof wire, connect directly to cage wire
  • Wire spacing of 0.5” prevents escapes
  • Deeper base prevents bedding and litter from spilling out of the cage

Customer reviews

It’s really sturdy and the bottom plastic piece is 5 or 6 inches high which gives a lot of protection from your critter kicking out shavings.  It also provides a darkened space for him/her to chill in when they aren’t on the higher levels. The shelves are high quality plastic.

The cage itself is huge, and the bars are big enough to fit little treats through or the tip of a finger to play with her.  The shelves and ramps are sturdy and are very easy to clean.

Perfect size, plenty of room for at least 2 rats & all their toys & bedding.  Easy to assemble & sturdy, deep bin for litter, large food dish.


Multi-Floor Pet Home

Super Pet Large Multi-Floor Chinchilla Cage

Product Highlights

  • Chew-proof coated wire
  • Stain-resistant plastic parts
  • Includes deep plastic base, 3 ramps, 3 shelves, food dish, toy
  • Ideal for frisky ferrets, busy bunnies, chinchillas and other small pets
  • Complete home starter kit is perfect for beginner small animals owners

Customer reviews

It’s a very roomy cage that easily accommodates my four rats and has plenty of space for toys and little houses.  There are two doors to open the cage, one on top of the other, which makes it easy to take the rats out no matter where they are and to clean the cage.

This Multi-Floor cage is large enough for my rabbit to jump and play.  She loves it!

The levels are nice and big and the stairs are wavy so it helps him get exercise.


Chinchilla Cage

Prevue Hendryx Rat & Chinchilla Cage

Product Highlights

  • Solid metal ramps and platforms
  • Includes wind-bell lock and space saving shelf
  • Ideal for rats, baby ferrets and chinchillas
  • Large front door and smaller rooftop door for easy access
  • Bottom shelf for storing extra food treats and supplies

Customer reviews

This is a fantastic cage with many uses even for my ferrets.

I like the solid metal ramps instead of the wire ramps.  It has a wire bottom so the droppings can fall through.  However with a chinchilla they need a solid bottom so we just put the newspaper across it.  I like the easy open gate in the front.

I’m very happy with this cage. The cage is very sturdy and well made.  The bar spacing is correct for rats and other small rodents.


Cage with Stand

Midwest Homes for Pets Chinchilla Cage

Product Highlights

  • Critter-proof dual-locking door latches
  • Full open full width double doors
  • Large adjustable shelves with toy/bedding anchor points
  • Wire ramps
  • Easy-to-clean and remove plastic pans
  • Full width plastic pan floor

Customer reviews

It is absolutely the best cage I have ever owned.  Even small rats will be fine in this cage.  Mine are all medium sized. I foresee having many generations of rats use this cage. Solid construction, built to last years!

I have had a lot of cages over the years but this one takes the prize.  It is absolutely the best built cage I have seen x 10.  It weighs about 92 lbs and is very solid.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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  1. I would love to have a chinchilla! They are so cute and fluffy, I keep seeing the poor things in small cages in pet shops and I wish I could take them home!


  2. Cecilia says:

    Hi Patricia. You’re right, it’s always so sad to see chinchillas in too small cages. I hope your dream will come true one day.

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