Top 4 Food for Goldfish under $10

goldfishYour goldfish needs a nutritionally balanced staple diet.  Fortunately the Top brands offer exactly that.  So if you’re looking for a great food for your goldfish you should find many options.

Finally it is your goldfish deciding which fish food it likes the best.  So just trying out different brands is the best way to go.  What do you need to know about feeding your goldfish and keeping him healthy and happy?  Here are some tips for you.

Updated 2017

First of all, do not overfeed your little goldfish.  They are – and I can confirm that from my own goldfish – accomplished beggars for food.  Giving in to your goldfish’s convincing begging for food makes them overweight and eventually sick.  Also too much goldfish food gets embedded beneath the gravel and decay which will lead to emitting harmful toxins into the water.

Most of the goldfish food are highly nutritious and therefore highly digestive. This means, you don’t need to give a lot to keep your little goldfish healthy and well fed. The follow-up to this first point is of course: do not give your goldfish too little food.  This would stop its natural growth and lead to nutritional deficiencies.

koiPreceding the question what kind of food is the best for your goldfish you should know that goldfish actually can bite and grind up food. They have small teeth in their jaws – and they have teeth in their throat.  With these teeth in the throat they can grind up food, therefore they can even eat a long worm.  That works for adult goldfish better than for young ones.  I used to watch my goldfish touching with his belly the gravel and nibbling on leftover food buried between the gravel.  They can do that because their jaw is protractile, meaning it can move outward when feeding.

Since goldfish can eat both, at the bottom and the top of the aquarium you can feed them flakes that float and pellets that sink in the water. I fed my goldfish with both which kept him busy to search for unexpected treats on the top of the water as well as buried in the gravel.  And I mentioned in my post about algae eating snails that he discovered how tasty those accidentally caught wild snails were – climbing up and down the sides of the aquarium.

There are different opposing recommendations out there about choosing between flakes and pellets.  Eventually it is up to your goldfish to decide and up to you to watch your goldfish’s behavior and health in order to find out which food is the best for him.  Going with a mix is always a great option.

A healthy goldfish shows a shiny appearance and scales that are flush to the body.  Healthy goldfish swim constantly, they shouldn’t just float or even sink.  The goldfish’s eyes should shine and never be dull.  A healthy goldfish is eternally curious and as already mentioned eternally eager to eat.

The decorations and plants you add to the aquarium will keep your little guy active and curious.  Nevertheless give your goldfish enough space to swim around, a plenty big aquarium is important too.  A tip I used to do with my goldfish:  I arranged and rearranged the aquarium decorations every week which kept my goldfish busy rediscovering his new home over and over again.  Can you tell that I loved my little goldfish?

Product Reviews

TetraFin Flakes

TetraFin Goldfish Flakes

Product Highlights

  • Nutritionally balanced diet perfect for all goldfish
  • Includes highly nutritious ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and trace elements
  • Supports immune system
  • Highly digestible
  • Micro milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal

Customer reviews

This flake-style food floats, as well as all the other brands I tried.  It makes it easy to observe how quickly the fish take the food and whether they spit it out after taking it.

I’ve been using TetraFin for my pond goldfish.  I have what I would call a large pond, with hundreds of goldfish of all sizes, and they love it!  With this bucket of fish flakes, I don’t have to run to the store every month.


Aqueon Granules

Aqueon Goldfish Granules Food

Product Highlights

  • Daily diet to meet nutritional needs
  • Premium ingredients and unique formulas
  • Contains no artificial colors.
  •  Formulated with natural ingredients with vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients
  •  Will not cloud water

Customer reviews

My goldfish love the pellets.  Their color turned brighter and they have continued to grow nicely.

I have 10 comet goldfish in my pond.  They turn into piranha’s when I feed them this stuff.   90% of the food sinks to the bottom of my pond.

These pellets slowly sink to the bottom as they are supposed to where goldfish can find them later.  Some pellets remain at the top.  The goldfish are healthy and have good scales and have not had any constipation issues from this food.


Wardley Shrimp Pellets

Hartz Wardley Shrimp Pellets Goldfish Food

Product Highlights

  • Formulated from a nutritious blend of ingredients including shrimp
  • Sinking pellet formula
  • Ideal a variety of tropical fish especially bottom feeders
  • Pellet size is excellent for feeding larger fish

Customer reviews

All my fish love these: Koi, Cichlids, Bala Sharks, Catfish, Clown Loaches, Goldfish, Plecos.

Wow!  Cichlids went nuts over these pellets!  They sink fast and break down equally as fast but just drip a few at a time and they will not even allow them to touch the ground.

Every time I drop one in for the tropical fish they ALL swoop down and chomp on it and it’s gone in a minute.


Wardley Food Pellets

Hartz Wardley Goldfish 10-Food Pellets

Product Highlights

  • Protein-to-fat ratio supports normal growth
  • Maintains clean water
  • High quality protein diet
  • No artificial colors or dyes

Customer reviews

I switched from flakes to pellets in my goldfish tank about a year ago.  I think it helps keep the tank cleaner and the fish eat them up.  Only thing to know is that the pellets may be too large for smaller fish.

I used half a can and my fishes are healthy and doing great.  One important tip: before feeding put the pellets in a small cup (1 oz or less), pour a little water from your fish tank, let the pellets soak in water for 10-30 minutes.  You should see the pellets have swollen 3-times compared to the original size.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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