Top 4 Horse Grooming Kits between $15 and $55

grooming horseOnce horses accept the grooming from humans they soon will appreciate it.  You can give your horses a physical and social comfort feeling by grooming them every day.  Yes, every day.  Why?  Grooming a horse serves several important purposes that you want to meet as often as possible. With the right horse grooming kit you have everything at hand that you need.

Updated 2017: new products added!

Horses like to groom each other.  Did you ever observe how they do that?  They nibble on each others withers.  Grooming among wild horses also means accepting the ranking in a horse herd.  Sometimes they might want to try to do the same to you.  Well, that’s not such a good idea, because the horse’s teeth are very strong and would injure you.  A horse needs to get used to the way humans groom him.  That requires patience and gentleness, and also perseverance.

First of all grooming your horse makes your horse feel good and comfortable.  Since among wild horses the higher ranked horse usually initializes the grooming allowing a lower ranked horse into his privacy space, your grooming actions signal to your horse, that he is accepted and acknowledged by you.

Rambo Horse Grooming KitSecondly daily grooming supports the bonding process between you and your horse, a very important point.  I must say I always enjoyed those moments of grooming a horse.  Because I worked with so many different horses, grooming helped me to observe and understand the personality of the horse in front of me and to find out in which mood the horse actually was – making the following training easier for both parties.

My preferred grooming kit was Oster’s 7-piece grooming kit. It has everything I needed in a very handy storage bag which I could take with me wherever  I went.

And third, the grooming process helps keeping the horse’s coat and skin clean.  Grooming always means brushing the whole horse body – in the direction of the hair growth.  Like this you remove mud and dust.  The same applies to picking out the feet and tidying the mane and tail with a brush.  As veterinarian I also used the grooming for control of any injuries or unusual signs in the coat.  You can do the same, just by the way.

horse in the mudFinally I like to remind you that horses love to roll in mud or sand.  Let them do that.  It feels good the them, it actually tickles their wet coat after a sweaty training.  While I trained thoroughbreds for races, we used to lead the horses after training to a sandy place letting them roll in the sand over and over again.  Afterwards of course, our grooming had to clean off all the sand – but the thoroughbreds were happy!

There are great horse grooming kits available to incredible affordable prices.  I personally liked bigger bags where I can fit different other things like my helmet or horse treats.  Hopefully you find the perfect horse grooming kit of your preference.

Product Reviews

Tough1 8-Piece Grooming Package

Tough1 8-Piece Grooming Package

Product Highlights

  • 8 Piece Grooming Kit
  • Egonomically designed grooming items
  • All items in a tough nylon tote
  • Purple, also available in 5 more colors

Customer reviews

The brushes and comb and bag are all very nice. The bag is sturdy and a nice color. The brushes also hold up well. Haven’t had a chance to use the scraper yet but it seems up to the job. Really great product and amazing price.

The product I received was a deep rich jewel tone purple and I love it! The bag is of sturdy construction with pockets lining the inner wall. Well stitched carry handles and clip strap. The tools as a whole all are rather sturdy also.

Great grooming kit! Nice sturdy brushes, and my horse loves the curry comb. The mane and tail brush is very easy to use and does a great job.


Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit

Rambo Horse Grooming Kit

Product Highlights

  • 7-piece grooming kit
  • Tough polyester grooming bag in stylish Newmarket colors
  • Two carry handles and a detachable shoulder strap
  • Includes: sweat scraper, face brush, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail brush, hoof pick, curry comb

Customer review

My daughter has really enjoyed using these tools on her horse.


Desert Equestrian Inc Equestrian Grooming Set

Desert Equestrian Horse Grooming Set

Product Highlights

  • 8-piece grooming kit
  • Includes 8 useful brushes, scrapers and other grooming tools
  • Convenient carrying tote with specialized pockets for each item
  • Available in a variety of colors

Customer reviews

The included products seem well-made and durable.  The bag is great.  It’s compact, but still roomy enough to carry her helmet.

The items feel sturdy & are easy to grip.  The collapsible cloth bag is also a very useful bonus item.

The brushes are nicely sized.  Hoof pick is very nice and sturdy, with a comfortable handle.  My mare has a very long mane and tail that tend to tangle, and the mane and tail brush sorted that out nicely.


Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit

Oster 7-Piece Horse Grooming Kit

Product Highlights

  • 7-piece grooming kit
  • Handy blue storage bag for organized transport
  • Rubber control-touch handles ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue
  • Includes Oster’s stiff grooming brush, soft finishing brush, coarse curry comb, mane and tail brush, mane and tail comb and hoof pick

Customer reviews

The Stiff Grooming brush is great at getting the mud off your horse. And its easy to clean too! The Hoof Pick is durable.

We’ve bought this brand grooming supplies before, and they make my favorite ones ever.  The brushes go through the worst tangles in a horses mane and tail easily. They are also very comfortable in my hand.

I’m very pleased with this luxurious grooming kit.  It meets all of the grooming needs!  The Tools are of very good quality and ergonomic.  Very comfortable to use.  The bag makes its practical to travel and isn’t heavy.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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