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horseI’m a horse person, and a dog person, and a cat person – well I’m an animal person.  But horses I like very much.  I used to ride a lot, I was guiding riding excursions and training horses for dressage competitions. That was back in Switzerland.

When I wanted to reward a horse I liked to give half an apple or half a carrot.  Well, those are great horse treats if you have an apple orchard in your backyard or a big garden just for growing carrots.

Updated 2017: new product added!

Rewarding your horse with treats, healthy horse treats of course, is an important part of your horse education and training.  The horse treats should be bite-sized, not too big and not too small.  Horses need to like it, obviously.  What else do you need to know about horse treats before choosing a certain brand?

horse educationAs veterinarian I used horse treats often as helper for feeding horses their medicine.  Some treats work well for that purpose, others not.  Horse treats for rewarding good behavior should rather be crunchy than soft.  Like this you can keep the treats in your pocket without dealing with stickiness.

Of course, you can give horse treats to any other of your pets, as one customer stated, dogs love horse treats also, and naturally Alpacas. My personal favorite horse treat always had apples as ingredient like Manna Pro’s Apple Horse Treats.

Anything will be better for your horse than pure sugar.  Horses like sugar, no question about that, but you can imagine that sugar isn’t really a healthy treat.  So use instead one of the available horse treats or half apples or carrots.  If you give apples and carrots, be aware that here too the treats should be fresh and undamaged.  One of the advantages of giving horse treats is that these brands guarantee multiple vitamins and minerals in their recipes.  Nevertheless do not use horse treats as sole diet.

Very rarely a horse is refusing a certain treat, that can happen.  Just try to give something else.  If your horse is a picky eater, try to give different treats anyway in order to open up your horse’s taste.

Product Reviews


Manna Pro Horse Treat Apple Nuggets

Product Highlights

  • Bite size nugget treats
  • Apple flavor
  • 5 lbs. bag
  • Great for training

Customer reviews

Our ponies are enthusiastic about these treats.  I like the size, and the fact this kind of treat doesn’t crumble up in your pocket.

Never had a horse turn it down, so based on that factor, they must be pretty good. Not sticky or crumbly.

They are good treats to keep around, in case you run out of fresh apples.


Cookies for Horses

Mrs. Pastures Cookies for Horses

Product Highlights

  • With all natural ingredients and no preservatives
  • Made of oats, wheat bran, cane molasses, rolled barley, fresh apples, water
  • Hard and crunchy, won’t crumble in pocket
  • Contains essential vitamins

Customer reviews

My horse loves these treats, as do any of his buddies we’ve shared them with.  What I really like about them is the texture.  They have a good crunch and the fibrous texture, which is good for working/cleaning his teeth.

I have three mares two of which are picky eaters.  After the first bite they were sold.

A group of us, all thoroughbred owners, keep a stock at the barn.


Purina Horse Apple and Oat Treats

Purina Horse Apple and Oat Treats

Product Highlights

  • Easy to feed
  • Easy to eat
  • Highly palatable treats your horse will love
  • Apple and Oats flavor

Customer reviews

Our Mini Horse and donkeys love these!

My gelding is vary picky but he LOVES them, if he sees me with a bag he will do anything for them.


Carrot and Spice Horse Treats

Manna Pro Carrot Horse Treats

Product Highlights

  • Carrot and spice flavor
  • Bite sized nuggets
  • 5 lbs. bag
  • Nutritious, healthy treats perfect for training

Customer reviews

I bought these for donkeys that live near me that I feed treats to, they love them.

Our horses love these!

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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