Top 4 Snake Bedding Material under $15

snake beddingBesides providing your pet snake with a secure and comfortable lockable cage you need to give your snake the appropriate bedding.  Why do snakes need bedding?  If you have a burrowing snake, what most of the snakes are, you definitely need a good snake bedding material that offers the appropriate structure for burrowing.

Updated 2017

Snakes use bedding material for burrowing as well as for nesting and hiding for privacy reasons.  Yes, snakes need a hiding place for their privacy.  The perfect bedding material for snakes should be light and soft enough to not irritate your snake’s sensitive skin and eyes.

Another important point about snake bedding material is how easy it is to be cleaned away.  Many snake owners try to use shredded newspaper which actually is recommended for snakes.  But, this material is quite difficult to clean off.  It very often sticks to the cage’s sides and needs more rubbing than other bedding materials.  Also a good bedding material shouldn’t cause dust.  On the contrary it should control humidity and stop odor. One of the best odor-stopping and humidity controlled bedding material are the Aspen Shavings by Galapagos.

Further good snake bedding material also provides great insulation keeping your burrowed snake comfortably warm.

Finally you’ll find the perfect bedding material for your snake according to what you like to look at.  The choice of material type – ground walnut shells, crushed coconut husks or Aspen wood shavings – will change the look of your snake cage.  What you shouldn’t use is sand for your snake’s cage.  Sand unfortunately causes too big of health risks for your snake.

Product Reviews

Aspen Snake Bedding

Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding

Product Highlights

  • Green product made from renewable resource
  • Provides a safe naturalistic odorless substrate
  • Allows snakes, lizards and small animals to form burrows and nests
  • 191% absorbency rating
  • No toxic oils
  • 99.9% dust-free
  • Also usable for birds, lizards, tortoises, turtles. tarantulas and insects
  • 24 qt.

Customer reviews

We have two ball pythons that are about 3 months old, so they are maybe two feet long.  They both really seem to enjoy it and it’s easy to spot clean once a week.

Striker, our striped king snake seems to revel in it.

My baby ball python seems to love it, he’s usually hiding and comes out to drink water or during feeding time but he’s been exploring his home since I put this bedding in for him.


Ground English Walnut Shells

Zilla Ground Walnutshells Reptile Bedding

Product Highlights

  • 100% natural ground English walnut shell
  • Provides a comfortable home for desert-dwelling reptiles
  • Excellent heat conductor
  • Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior
  • Ideal for: Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx, Monitors, Skinks
  • 25 qt.

Customer reviews

Unlike sand there’s little to no dust, easy cleanup and a great insulator.

I’ve used this in my bearded dragon cage, for a portion of the cage.  They seem to like it, and its easy to clean with a little sifter.

This is a wonderful substitute for using sand for desert reptile. Since it is only finely ground walnut shells it feels like sand but poses no danger to your small reptile.  It holds in heat extremely well.


Aspen Digs Shavings

Galapagos Aspen Digs Shavings Snake Bedding

Product Highlights

  • 100% Aspen trees, made from timber by-product
  • Perfect substrate for Corn Snakes, Ball Pythons, Blue Tongue Skinks and Rodents
  • 8 qt. resealable bag
  • High absorbency: controls humidity and stops odors
  • Free from salt chemicals, oils, parasites
  • Washed & Sieved for dust-free bedding

Customer reviews

It holds moisture good. The snake LOVES this type of material – it burrows its way through it and seems to enjoy this more than sand.

Since this is thoroughly washed and sieved there is almost no dust whatsoever.

My snake loved the new bedding instantly. He started to burrow and dig into it right away.


Coconut Husks Bedding

Carib Sea Coco Soft Reptiles Bedding

Product Highlights

  • Made from fresh coconut husks
  • Controls odor
  • Ideal for blue iguana, amphibians, arachnids, snakes, frogs, turtles, tortoises, salamanders and tarantulas
  • No aromatic oils, no chemicals, no pesticides, always parasites-free, non-toxic
  • Feather-soft
  • 10 qt.

Customer reviews

Works well for my dear serpent, it well suits his coloring. The scent is well maintained.

The pieces are bigger than the coco I usually use but I actually think it’s going to work better. This will not be as dusty & he seems to like digging in this more than the other.

Got this for my Geckos and it works really well.

* Prices are good at the time the article was written, but subject to change without notice.


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