Top Chinchilla Bath House

Green Farm Chinchilla Bath HouseIt‘s not like a Spa, this Chinchilla Bath House, although it sounds like that. It is nothing more than an enclosed house for Chinchillas to bathe. I was writing about Chinchilla Bathing Sand, what it is and why Chinchillas need to bath in sand or dust instead of water.

Well, if your chinchilla likes to bathe in dust you certainly will have a mess after his bath just because all the dust flying around. Did I mention that Chinchillas love to roll around in dust? A Chinchilla Bath House is just made for this purpose. And you know me, it’s even better when it’s made of an all-natural material.

A good Chinchilla Bath House is made of an easily cleanable material but it shouldn’t be plastic since plastic is toxic for rodents chewing on it. This following model of a Chinchilla Bath House is made of all natural pine wood.

You can be sure that your Chinchilla will chew on his new Bath House. So it‘s even better when the wooden bath house was manufactured without using any metal nails.

Chinchillas are very playful and they need their daily baths in dust or sand. You see them roll around in the dust or sand – endlessly! Some Chinchillas like to use their Bath House also as Hideout. For this reason it‘s great that you can remove the roof for easy clean-out and ready the house for your little friend to hide and relax in it.

What you also might experience with a wooden Chinchilla Bath House is that your Chinchilla may transform the look of it by chewing the opening bigger or even chewing sides away. Did I mention that Chinchillas love to chew?

Take a look at this great model of a Chinchilla Bath House. Maybe it would make a nice gift for your little Chinchilla friend.

Green Farm Chinchilla Bath House

Green Farm Chinchilla Bath House

Product Highlights

  • All natural and safe pine wood been kiln dried
  • No metal nails used in making this house
  • Safe for chewing
  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • Fully assembled
  • Dimensions: 9.4″ x 12″ x 10″

Customer reviews

This is really nice. Over all well made. My chinchilla loves it.. went right in.. keeps most of the dust inside. And, if he wishes to chew on It, no worries… all wood!

This house is great! I always have a few different house options for my chinchilla for his many moods. I have a few of these houses. One he uses as a bath, the other to hide toys in, and another to just hide himself in.

Great construction and even better price. Our little chin loves this. Lid comes off for easy cleaning. Good buy, and would buy again.

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