Top Cosequin with MSM for Horses

Nutramax Equine Cosequin optimized with MSMThe leg joints are most often the weakest part of a horse as you can imagine. Even more so when your horse is competing in riding performances and sports such as dressage, jumping or racing. And of course the joints might become a problem in older horses.

To be able to support and strengthen your horse‘s joints is a wonderful thing for every horse owner. Cosequin is a known and reliable product to support weak or old joints of horses. Let‘s take a closer look at it.

Nutramax Equine Cosequin optimized with MSMIn Switzerland I used to visit a horse sanctuary called Le Roselet that offers about 60 old horses, donkeys and mules a safe and calm retirement place. People can visit those old horses and see how happy they are in their old age. Most of those horses and donkeys needed a joint support though to just be able to go out on the pasture. This support was Cosequin.

There are two important points to help you find out if and when you want to take care of your horse‘s joints. With Cosequin you are on the right way.

First you want to use Cosequin for horses with joint problems. How do you know if your horse might have joint issues? Well, if your horse is hard-working or competing on a high and intense levels you want to use Cosequin for optimal mobility.Nutramax Equine Cosequin optimized with MSM

Secondly, you want to use Cosequin for maintenance of a good mobility, even if your horse is older and has problems moving around. With this product you can help your horse to run around with younger horses on the pasture. It really helps.

What are the ingredients of Cosequin and what are their effects? Cosequin contains glucosamine which is an essential part for building cartilage. It also contains chondroitin sulfate that inhibits enzymes which might degrade the joints. And it contains manganese and Vitamin C which are important for the collagen synthesis. These ingredients work perfectly together supporting your horse‘s joints and making them healthy and strong.

Cosequin optimized with MSM means that it contains higher levels of active ingredients. This makes the product even more effective.

If your horse is suffering joint problems due to age or hard training and if your horse might have joint issues in the future you can take a look at Cosequin and find out if it could help your horse.

It comes as a powder which is tasty to most horses. You can mix it into your horse‘s treats and pellets or feed it directly.

Nutramax Equine Cosequin optimized with MSM

Nutramax Equine Cosequin optimized with MSM

Product Highlights

  • Veterinarian recommended
  • For horses only
  • Has same levels of active ingredients as consequent optimized high purity msm
  • Container with 1400 gram / 3 lbs.
  • Comes with a scoop

Customer reviews

This is an outstanding product that will help your equine partner to not be sore from that old bump or bend that should not be there any more. It shall be on my shelf permanently.

This product is amazing. My 18-year-old Arabian mare can now run with the younger horses in the pasture, even up the hills. She seems all around much happier, surely due to less pain from her arthritis. Price and delivery time is very good. I will be buying this again​ and again.

I believe that Cosequin has made a difference for my horse. He appears to move more freely.


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