Top Fruit Fly Food for Frogs and Praying Mantis

How to feed praying mantisCould you imagine having a praying mantis as pet? And if yes, can you picture how you would feed your mantis? It is actually not very difficult to feed praying mantis. Their food consists of small insects such as fruit flies. And this is also the food you feed your pet frogs and all reptiles and amphibians that require small food.

The best fruit fly food for frogs and mantis comes as culture of wingless Drosophilas or with other words wingless fruit flies. Why wingless and what you have to know about this food I‘m about to explain.

It‘s in any case very interesting to have insects as pets. You learn a lot about these creatures just by watching them and by taking care of them. I admit that I am and always was very fascinated by Praying Mantis – I don’t why because there are no mantis living in Switzerland.

Having praying mantis and frogs as pets is a very challenging hobby. Feeding them the right way is one of many requirements you have to fulfill. So, let‘s take a closer look at this wingless drosophila fruit fly culture.

I remember well that back in my university veterinary study time we made quite some research projects with Drosophilas. Why? Because they are incredibly easy and fast to multiply. We used this convenient feature for our genetic research projects.

How to feed praying mantisThis is also the main thought behind this food for mantis and frogs. You get 32oz of producing fruit fly cultures. This is nothing else than a media on which the fruit flies are growing and hatching. This media contains all the vitamins and minerals that insects, reptiles and amphibians need in order to stay healthy.

The producer actually emphasizes that this culture consists of Melanogaster Drosophilas and not the kind of fruit flies we maybe know from our experience with dated fruits in our kitchen. They are smaller and wingless and therefore ideal for praying mantis and frogs.

The fact that they are wingless is an important detail because that means when you open the pack, the hatched Drosophilas won‘t just swarm out of it. Since they can‘t fly they just climb on the side of the bottle and you actually have to shake them out.

For best production of fruit flies the culture needs to be kept at 75-78F and 60-80% humidity.

Wingless Drosophila Fruit Fly Culture

Wingless Drosophila Fruit Fly Culture

Product Highlights

  • Ideal food source for poison dart frogs, praying mantis, young frogs and toads and other reptiles, amphibians that require small foods
  • Ready to feed within just a few days
  • Produces an amazing amount of flies
  • Produces wingless drosophila flies that can only crawl

Customer reviews

Awesome seller! Very quick shipping and packaged with lots of TLC!! The fruitflies look great! Will go thru Josh’s Frogs again if needed!!

It was easy to serve them up to my baby mantis. Easy to use and dispose of, keep in a cool moist area and dont let it dry out completely, but a quick mist works great if needed.

Cannot believe how many fruit flies are in this container! Josh’s Frogs is a terrific company and I highly recommend them. I rescued two runt green tree froglets.

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