Top Saddle Rack folding and wall mounted around $50

horse saddle rackYour horse saddle needs to have a dry solid space to be placed on while not in use. And while it may look nice hanging a saddle over a fence, it’s not very practical. You will need a saddle rack to get your saddle out of weather and dirt. This saddle rack is doubly interesting. It’s foldable and wall mounted and therefore very space saving.

I used to transport horses in trailers to different horse shows and competitions back in Switzerland. I had a folding saddle rack mounted on the door of the trailer. When out of use I just folded it flat down and it was out of the way.

What else do you wish from a good saddle rack? Well, two other requirements should be fulfilled. First, a good saddle rack is sturdy and holds the weight of a saddle easily.

When I was transporting horses in the trailer I used my saddle rack for all kinds of things besides the saddle such as blanket and even my dressage jacket used to land there.

And secondly, a good saddle rack is big enough for all kinds of saddles, for Western and English saddles. The saddle shouldn’t wobble dangerously on a too narrow or too short saddle rack.

A great advantage of this top folding wall mounted saddle rack is its price. It is so affordable that people actually buy more than just one. This is something that always concerned me: things you need around your horse shouldn’t be overly expensive.

Having one or several folding saddle racks certainly keeps your barn organized and your saddles in quality condition.

Folding Saddle Rack Wall Mount

Folding Saddle Rack Wall Mount

Product Highlights

  • Mounts to a vertical surface in tack room or horse trailer
  • Fold down for out of the way storage
  • Powder coated heavy duty metal tubing for strength

Customer reviews

Super sturdy and folds almost flat. Put in my tack room of my 2 horse slant goose neck so that I can use it for a weekender and not have racks sticking out everywhere. Bought 1 and was so impressed that I’m buying 2 more.

Totally awesome love it! Made of heavy strong metal compared to other saddle racks I have tried. Finally one that is long enough to hold an actual saddle. Very easy to use. Folds away nicely. I will probably buy six more.

I n put this saddle rack on my back door of my trailer. It is so much easier, the saddle rack fits perfect on the door.


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