Train your Dog with an Interactive Food dispensing Toy

OurPets Interactive Dog Food Dispensing ToyYou have several ways how to feed your dog. One of them is feeding your dog with an interactive food dispensing toy.

This is a fun way to keep your dog fed and occupied for quite a long period of time.

Since dogs just love to play – and yes, love to eat – this interactive food dispenser is just made to accommodate both of your dog‘s need.

This interactive food dispensing toy certainly will keep your dog mentally stimulated and physically active. Both are important needs for a dog to be fulfilled in order to keep him healthy and happy.

A food dispenser as a toy is mainly meant to be filled with dog treats. But some dog owners fill it with dog dry food for one meal of the day. Since the ball itself is of small to medium size you might need to fill it twice in order to offer your dog his whole food amount.OurPets Interactive Dog Food Dispensing Toy

I just said it, this interactive food dispensing toy is a ball that can be twisted to be opened and filled and also for easy cleaning. You fill it with your dog‘s favorite treats or dry food of the right size, close it and let your dog work and play for getting to his treats or food. While he rolls it around, the treats will occasionally drop out.

Speaking of size. The ball is meant for small to medium sized dogs, but I also heard that people with bigger dogs use it successfully. You might need to supervise your big dog while he is playing with this food dispenser.

OurPets Interactive Dog Food Dispensing ToyAlso the opening of the food dispensing toy is adjustable which is important for you. You can change the opening according to the size of the treats or dry food and keep your dog’s interested and curiosity about what’s in it.

This interactive food dispensing toy offers different levels of difficulty keeping your dog alert and interested in it. You can be sure that your dog‘s need of catching, chasing and figuring out solutions will be challenged.

Every dog loves to learn and to play, and well to eat. With this interactive food dispensing toy you help your dog to stay healthy, active and interested.

Interactive Dog Food Dispensing Toy

OurPets Interactive Dog Food Dispensing Toy

Product Highlights

  • Fill with dog treats
  • Promotes active and healthy feeding
  • Adjustable feeding difficulty
  • Twists apart for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for small to medium sized dogs
  • Color may vary

Customer reviews

This ball is great for my border collie mix. I give his breakfast through this ball, and it keeps him occupied for 20 minutes total. The ball won’t fill up a whole cup of kibble, so I have to fill it up two times. It’s good to see he’s getting some kind of work for his food.

Great product – easy to clean, and can accommodate different sizes and types of kibble/treats. If you have hardwood floors and you find the ball too loud, you can take an old sock, stretch it over the ball, and cut off the excess, allowing for the food to go through the hole. It also makes the ball easier for dogs to grab, so if it gets stuck in a corner, they can pick it up and throw it somewhere else. A great deal!

I really, really love that this ball has an adjustable dispenser. Not all kibble is the same size, so it is great to have the option to adjust the opening to the size of the kibble. My Boykin is now 7 months old. It took him about an hour to empty it. All my dogs can pick this up as well and carry it around.


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