Travel Pet Pen for Cats and Dogs

Pet Gear Travel Pet Pen for Cats and DogsIt‘s still travel time, well for some it‘s always travel time. You may be traveling the country with your RV and you may have a dog or a cat as companion. Traveling with a pet is always a challenge. Surely you want to provide your dog or cat the best possible travel experience – whatever situation might occur.

With a travel pet pen you can offer your little friend a safe and secure place while your RV or car is moving. There are other moments in your dog‘s or cat‘s life where you might need a pet pen.

Some get a pet pen for their cats and dogs to be sure that they‘re in a safe place while their owners are away from home for work or while going on errands. A pen is a very defined space that offers comfort and enough space to move around or play with the toys. Many dog and cat owners add not just toys and the favorite blanket, they also add litter boxes and food dishes.

The travel pet pen by Pet Gear offers mesh windows so your little friend always has enough fresh air and can look outside. The bottom is so sturdy that you can lift the pen with your pet in it if necessary.

Another great advantage which makes this pet pen perfect for travel and camping excursions is that it doesn’t take away too much space in your car, Camper or RV. And it‘s easily foldable and stored away when not in use.

People also use this pet pen when they can‘t take their dog or cat with them on their travels but have to leave them with friends or family. When your det is already quite comfortable with sleeping and staying in the pen it won‘t be a problem when your pet will stay with somebody else while you‘re away.

To get your dog or cat used to a new travel pet pen add his favorite blanket and a toy in it and encourage your pet to enter and explore this new place. Play with your dog or cat around the new pet pen and you‘ll see that this new place will be soon accepted as just another place to be.

Pet Gear Travel Pet Pen for Cats and Dogs

Pet Gear Travel Pet Pen for Cats and Dogs

Product Highlights

  • Folds flat for easy storage and portability
  • Lightweight makes it great for traveling or camping
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Removable top and mesh window for ventilation
  • 8-panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners
  • Made from water resistant 600D nylon and PVC coated mesh
  • Size: 29“ x 29“ x 17“ (small), also available in medium and large
  • Comes in 4 different colors
  • No assembly required

Customer reviews

This kennel is PERFECT! It keeps our kittens safe from harm and still affords them plenty of room. We have 2 food dishes and a litter box in there with them. It is easily cleaned and very transportable. I highly recommend this kennel to any cat/kitten pet owner.

I literally can not say enough good things about this pet playpen. We have a 5 month old yorkie/chinese crested mix puppy. This playpen has been a life saver. I can fit her water bowl, bed, toys, and pee pad comfortably in here with her and she is perfectly content in the pen.

We purchased this to travel from Michigan to Georgia with our dog and cat. We put the cat in the octagon pet pen to keep her from walking all around the car. It was also good to have in the new home to allow the cat to be outside, but not wander off.


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