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Penn Plax Turtle Basking PlatformWhy do turtles need a basking platform in their turtle tank? Basking is a natural behavior of turtles that’s important for them in order to stay healthy. Turtles are so-called cold-blooded and need therefore basking in the warmth. This would be somewhere in the sunshine in nature or on a basking platform under a heating lamp.

It’s important to know that the basking platform only needs to be about 10 degrees F warmer than the water temperature in order to lure the turtles onto the platform.

Updated 2017

basking turtleWhat happens with turtles when they bask in warmth? Turtles are able to engage in thermoregulation which elevates their metabolism, meaning their immune and digestive system increases while they’re basking. Turtles are also able to absorb UVB rays that become metabolized into vitamin D3 which the turtle’s body needs in order to process calcium which in turn strengthens their shell and reduces algae growth on the shell.

Basically you don’t need any more information to know that your turtle definitely needs a basking platform. Still, I like to emphasize that turtles need a basking platform not just for their health, they also need it for their fun. Some turtle basking platforms come therefore with different fun additions that might your turtle entice in playing.

The Turtle Topper by Penn Plax comes with a hanging platform that sits just below the water line so your turtle can rest while partially submerged. It also includes a docking ramp that makes it easy for the turtles to climb up.

Take measurements of your turtle tank before getting a basking platform. Some turtle basking platforms are meant to be placed inside the tank. Others sit over the turtle tank, leaving the space underneath open for swimming.

Turtles like to climb and use these platforms for their fun activities. You wouldn’t believe how playful turtles can be until you watch them using their basking platforms as sliding ramp. No kidding! They slide actually down the ramp and splash into the water.

Penn Plax Decorative Turtle Topper/Basking Platform

Penn Plax Turtle Basking Platform

Item Highlights

  • Fits most standard rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons
  • Size: 12″W x 17“L x 10“H
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Sculpted in a Jurassic style
  • Designed to sit over your existing tank

Customer reviews

My turtle loves it! I have a quite large yellow belly slider and she got too heavy for the floating docks. She sleeps on the little ledge every night. Best turtle product I’ve bought.

This thing is awesome-I can’t believe I’ve had turtles for five years without it. It’s easy to assemble, and my turtles were in it within an hour of me adding it to their tank.

I could seriously say this is the best product I’ve ever bought for my turtle. She absolutely loves it. Even in the beginning she used the climber like a slide. She would get into the basket, turn around, and slide down the the climber like she’s at a water park. I’m so happy to see my turtle having fun and so happy.


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