Some things to know before buying a horse

buying a horseAre you thinking about getting a horse one day? You are not alone. This is the dream of so many people! I had this dream once, too. It was so strong that as teenager I tried to convince my father to look into getting a horse for us. We actually came even as far as finding my dream horse in Hungary. He was a 3-year-old brown gelding, a Hungarian breed called Kisber Felver. The horseā€˜s name was Baka.

It turned out that we didn’t meet the even the most basic requirement you need to care for a horse. What is this basic requirement and how can you meet it in order to actually being able to buy a horse.

There is one important precondition you need to meet – among others of course – and this is all about the boarding of your future horse. With other words: your horse will need a home. This is a very basic requirement. Boarding is first of all a financial commitment. The boarding fees range from low-cost as long as you take on most of the caring actions around your horse to high-cost if you want to pay for a full-care boarding.

Another point is the location of your horse’s boarding. It shouldn’t be too far from your home. This actually was one of the main reasons why we ultimately didn’t buy Baka. We had no boarding facilities close enough and well, affordable enough. You will want to see and care for your horse every single day. buying a horseSo having the boarding location far from your home will make your daily trips to your horse more difficult.

When you search for the perfect boarding place for your future horse take into consideration that it should offer spacious pastures so your horse can be out there, may be with other horses, and just live his natural instincts such as foraging, running and playing around. And with this you will need to get one item for your horse sooner or later: a blanket.

blanketing a horseA blanket is important if you want to have him ready for shows or competitions or even just for daily riding trips. Your horse might belong to those horses with thinner hair – or he is body-clipped – both will call for blanketing him.

Choosing the right blanket is very essential and will help you take care of your horse and will help your horse staying healthy during cold, rainy or even snowy weather.

Tough-1 Snuggit Turnout Horse Blanket

Tough-1 Snuggit Turnout Horse Blanket

Product Highlights

  • 1,200 Denier Poly
  • Adjustable neck
  • 300 gr polyfill
  • Waterproof coated outer shell
  • 210 Denier poly lining

Customer reviews

Very nice blanket, warm and well-made. As good as any blanket I’ve used, great value for the money. Definitely keeps him warm and stays put.

This is a very well made, medium weight blanket, well suited to the low 30s (and high 20s) overnight temps experienced along the Texas Gulf Coast.

The neck design is the best I’ve used – keeps the blanket from riding on the front shoulder blades of my mare. The blanket material is also quite nice – heavy, waterproof but contours nicely across the horses body.


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