When does your Horse need a Saddle Pad

Kavallerie Gel Half Saddle PadWhen you ride a lot like I used to do back in Switzerland – 5 hours a day or more – you know how important it is that the saddle you use fits perfectly. The question when your horse needs a saddle pad could easily go like that: when do you need a saddle pad.

Well, a saddle pad that is placed under the saddle prevents the saddle from slipping – very important for the rider and for the horse. There are some requirements you put on a good saddle pad. I have them here listed for you and present a great model of a saddle pad.

Kavallerie Gel Half Saddle PadThis saddle pad I found has quite an interesting history that made it eventually to what it is and what it provides now. A material scientist and avid equestrian enthusiast started developing saddles and saddle pads that should match the demands of high performers. He found that most saddles showed either design or functionality but seldom both together. On his path to creating the perfect fusion between design and functionality he developed the here presented saddle pad.

This saddle pad is made of a specific material and technology that create maximum shock-absorption. This characteristic prevents injuries and suits the horse‘s need for advanced air and moisture circulation under the saddle.

As horse owner you know how sensitive the horse‘s back is to injuries, pain and soreness caused by an ill-fitting tack. This saddle pad is said to be like „melted-butter“ meaning it adapts to the shape of the saddle and provides soft cushioning between skin and saddle. But even if the tack fits well, the rider asymmetry places uneven pressure on the horse‘s back. The saddle pad distributes the pressure through its shock absorbing design and provides comfort for you and your horse.

Although this saddle pad is mainly designed for English saddles it will work fine for Western saddles too. It’s allowed to be used at horse shows and competitions.

Kavallerie Gel Half Saddle PadSo, let‘s look at the special TPR gel material it is made of. This material makes the saddle pad sticky for the first some days. Dust or hair that might stick to it after the first uses can be hosed off with water. This characteristic allows the pad to be extremely pliable and impressionable to fit your horse‘s back. After it loses its stickiness it will keep its anti-slip functionality.

Four styles of this saddle pad are available in order to fit every kind of horse back: middle riser, front riser, rear riser and half pad. I recommend to read the manufacturer‘s advice to find the best type saddle pad for your horse.

I actually wish I‘d have had this saddle pad in my past riding career. It would have helped me and the horses. It‘s a great piece of horse gear!

Kavallerie Gel Half Saddle Pad

Kavallerie Gel Half Saddle Pad

Product Highlights

  • Prevents sore back through shock absorbing design
  • Non-slip and low profile gel pad keeps saddle in place
  • 4 anatomically designed gel pads: Half Gel, Front Riser, Middle Riser and Rear Riser
  • Made from a material called ReiterGel™ for durability
  • Easy cleaning

Customer reviews

Very helpful to sensitive horse. Highly recommend it.

Definitely improves riding comfort for rider and the horse seems happier, too. Worth every penny.

My older schoolmaster has slight sway to his back and was demonstrating possible back soreness by a shortened gate. I have used the midrise gel pad a few times now and do see an improvement in his lovely forward trot. The gel pad is lightweight and fits well under saddle. Should be fine for shows. A real bonus, the saddle stays in place.


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