Why a Cat Tower Toy is great for Cats

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat ToyI just love to find new cat toys like this cat tower of tracks toy. I mean, alone the name sounds like fun – and I can tell you it will be fun for your cat!

I remember back in Switzerland we had one day a cat owner coming into our vet office complaining that her cat must be ill because he shows no interest in playing.

Well, I wish I‘d have had this great cat tower toy just to explain better how you can activate a cat‘s instinct of playfulness.

Cats love to play for several reasons. The two important factors for a cat to play are health and instinct. It‘s true that playing is for a cat more than just fun, it is vital and essential for overall health and happiness.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat ToyShould you have a shy cat or a cat that hesitates to go fully into play mode, I invite you to take a look at this cat tower toy. This cat tower toy supports all those important aspects of health and instinct through its structure and elements.

Why is this cat tower toy so great for cats? The answer – or answers – come with the fact why cats love and even need to play.

First of all, playing is instinct for cats. They play to train themselves for hunting and surviving. At the same time playing releases aggression that comes with not being able to hunt – well, in your home anyway.

Being playful helps your cats to prevent behavioral problems such as shyness or to at least reduce their effects. Of course, playing has an important health aspect because it builds your cat‘s muscle tone and improves the blood circulation.

And finally another very essential aspect includes you as cat owner. Playing with your cat helps you bonding with your cat. Although cats love to play alone – meaning the cat with his toy – your cat also loves to play with you in an interactive way. This cat tower toy allows your cat to do both: playing alone and with you.

The way this cat tower toy is built it keeps your cat engaged, mentally sharp and at the same time entertained. Cats need daily physical exercise – as much as we need it. A toy that provides as well exercising coordination, balance and attention like this cat tower toy does in a fun and playful way is just perfect.

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Product Highlights

  • 3-level ball-spinning tower of tracks cat toy
  • Comes with 3 brightly colored differently designed balls
  • Built with a closed top and non-slip base pads

Customer reviews

This is by far the best investment in a toy that I have ever made for my cat. He loves interaction with it. I highly recommend it. Balls glide around smoothly. Cats paws don’t get stuck in the tracks. Balls are brightly colored and easy to see for my one eyed little boy who has depth perception issues with his vision.

My cat likes ball in track toys, and this seems to be her new favorite, likely due to it having three ball tracks instead of merely 1 or 2. Besides the triple design, the other interesting aspect is that it allows my cat to smack the balls through horizontal rather than vertical holes, which she seems to prefer.

I have four cats that are always looking for something to get into. I decided to order this toy for my kids. They have all taken turns at it & have only stopped playing with it long enough to eat. It keeps them occupied & entertained for hours, but as any cat owner knows, if your cat likes it, he likes it & if he doesn’t, try a little catnip!

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