Why Cat Tunnels are important for Cats

Cat Tunnel For Big CatsCats are predators. They love to hide, stalk, hunt and make surprise jumps. Answer to this instinct with a cat tree or a playpen or something more simple – and incredibly affordable – like a cat tunnel.

Cat tunnels provide a private place where your cat can sleep and an endless playground inside and on top as well as a fun run-through place with holes to pop out. What more would a cat wish for?

Updated 2017

So, what is the answer to the question why cat tunnels are important for cats? The answer is manifold, but it’s all around playing. Cats need to be able to play for many reasons. Here are some reasons:

  • Playing is healthy because it builds your cat’s muscle tone and improves the blood circulation.
  • Playing is stimulating because it relieves stress and boredom while building confidence instead. Playing releases aggression, natural aggression that a cat has by instinct.
  • Playing is important because it prevents behavioral problems or reduces them if already present, and it helps you bonding with your cat.

If you look around what kind of cat toy would be the best for your cat you most certainly will encounter this as one of the first recommendations: hiding catA cat tunnel!

Did you ever watch how much cats love to squeeze through some tiny spaces? This is part of their stalking and hunting instinct but also evidence of their never-ending curiosity. What‘s on the other side? This question will never get old for a cat.

Cat Tunnel For Big Cats


A cat tunnel provides a long dark warm and soft place with holes here and there to pop through. Some also crinkle like the following model that even comes with soft and safe hooks for balls to hang.

A cat loves it when you play with her in and around the tunnel, but is also happy when she gets her private play time. She will be rewarding you with a relaxed and happy behavior.

And finally an advice if your cat is shy or easily frightened. The cat tunnel gives a great place to hide while at the same time having control over the activities going on around her. A shy cat will appreciate being left alone in the tunnel. She will feel safe there, being held by a warm soft structure that allows her to make her next steps when she is ready for it.

The following Cat Tunnel is especially big so bigger cats fit into it, turn around in it and run through it easily. If you have a cat family you might want to take a closer look too because it creates enough space for more than one cat.

Cat Tunnel For Big Cats

Cat Tunnel For Big Cats

Item Highlights

  • One sturdy long tunnel
  • Length: 51“ and diameter: 12“
  • Strong and solid spring structure
  • Soft and durable faux fur with crinkly leopard print fabric
  • Plenty of room for big cats

Customer reviews

I placed it in our basement as she has been hanging out there alone a lot lately. I was very surprised how quickly she took to it. I even caught her DIVING into one of the holes. Strangely, it appears she likes that it rolls around. She had more than enough to room. Easy to open, easy to store. Highly recommend.

i’m so glad I came across this cat tunnel. My 18 pound tuxedo cat, Earl, always felt bad because he couldn’t fit into the tunnels to play. There are three knobs with hoops that make this easy to fold up and store. It popped right into shape and very easily was folded up to store away.

My cat LOVES this. Everything I expected! It is very long and has 3 holes in the top for them to pop out of. Very sturdy…and my cat is an almost 20 lb tomcat and very rough on things. He has not damaged it at all despite rough play in it. Highly recommend for large cats!


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  1. Anita says:

    My two little cats will be delighted to have such equipment
    I am delighted to make its discovery, I note the link in case

  2. Heather says:

    Thank you for this post. I might go get my cat a tunnel now. He loves boxes and hiding, so he probably would love a tunnel!

  3. Cecilia says:

    Thank you Heather, I’m sure your cat will enjoy his new tunnel!

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