Why do Ferrets love to sleep in a Sleeper Tent

Sleep-E Tent Super SleeperGetting a ferret as pet is always exciting. They‘re such energetic animals, they love to play and explore endlessly. This is the reason why many households with ferrets are made ferret-proof the moment these adorable little guys enter the home.

Well, ferrets are fireballs, always moving around, running, jumping and playing. Not always, actually. Ferrets sleep many hours a day – maybe to be able to be so energetic during waking hours.

There are some points you need to know about ferrets and their sleeping habits and why they need a sleeper tent.

Sleeping ferretFerrets actually sleep longer than they‘re awake. Generally a ferret has a sleeping time of 18 hours per day. They don‘t sleep straight through, though. A normal sleeping duration for a ferret is about 6 hours. This may vary from ferret to ferret – a little bit. Also baby ferrets and old ferrets sleep longer than adult ferrets. Male ferrets sleep more than female.

Ferrets sleep for some hours, then they awake for playtime of about an hour and then they fall asleep again. Falling asleep is the keyword here. They really do fall asleep wherever they are when they get tired. This is the moment when you as ferret owner step in by offering your little ferret friend a safe sleeping place such as a sleeping tent.

Why do ferrets need a tent as their sleeping place? Ferrets are burrowing animals, meaning they need to sleep in dark and hidden places like a cave or tunnel. With a sleeper tent you can come their sleeping habits the closest. And you also will see that ferrets love their sleeping tent so much that they even stay in it while playing with each other during their waking time.

The here reviewed model of a ferret sleeper tent has many advantages. It is so comfortably soft that ferrets love to hang out in there all the time. You can hang it wherever you want. It‘s usable as tent and – when you unzip it – as hammock. And it is washable, another important point.

Why is it so important to allow your ferrets to have a natural sleeping place? Sleep is important for your ferret‘s health and happiness. If you observe reduced sleeping hours or even increased sleeping hours together with loss of appetite and other symptoms of illness you need to bring your ferret to the vet. If your ferret is totally healthy and fit but sleeps more than usual, this might just be caused by seasons. Ferrets sleep more during winter and also during summer.

Your task is to provide your little furry friend with a great sleeping place like this sleeper tent and hammock to make sure that your ferret stays healthy and fit.

Sleep-E Tent Super Sleeper

Sleep-E Tent Super Sleeper

Product Highlights

  • Includes fleece for added comfort
  • Unzips to become hammock
  • Attaches to any wire home
  • Ideal for ferrets, but also guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats and other small animals
  • Size: 11“L x 11“W x 14“H
  • Washable

Customer reviews

My three ferrets like to sleep in it and just hang out together. The three of them all fit in it, but they lay on top of each other to do so. They really like the hole cut out and stick their heads out through it to sleep, which is really cute.

I like how you can zip up just one side or all the sides and put the clasps wherever in the cage you want.

My ferrets love this sleeper! It was roomier than I expected – my boys prefer to nap together, and both can fit in this tent.


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