Why do Hamsters need Hamster Wheels

Love Hamster WheelYou know the picture. A hamster running endlessly in a hamster wheel. At first sight it might look weird and even compulsive. I can assure you it‘s far from being obsessive.

To prove that we need to take a look at wild hamsters and their behavior and needs. And then I‘d like to point out some aspects that a good hamster wheel needs to have in order to be perfect for your hamster and for you – your ears as a matter of fact.

Updated 2018

Wild hamsters run for several miles every night, up to 5-6 miles. Running is an instinct that helps them to escape predators but also to find food. Running is for hamsters essential and vital, it actually keeps them healthy and happy. Studies found that female hamsters that are able to run for many miles every night give birth to more pups per litter than those that can‘t run. Hamsters with wheels are healthier and less obese. And they are less bored – an important point for hamsters kept in a cage.

There are some discussions about hamsters being nocturnal or crepuscular. Nocturnal means they are only active during night. Crepuscular means they are active an hour before sunset and return to their burrows when it gets dark. Well, fact is that hamsters sleep during day and will be active when you go to sleep.

Since your hamster lives in a very confined area in his cage, he needs to be able to run in one place. This is where the idea of a hamster wheel comes in. For the hamster it’s pure fun to run endlessly in his wheel.Love Hamster Wheel

These facts lead to the question how the perfect hamster wheel needs to be. To follow up the nocturnal-crepuscular discussion a good hamster wheel needs to be quiet. Your hamster will make his running exercises while you sleep and you don‘t want to hear a squeaking noise made by the wheel.

Also a good hamster wheel needs to be stable and durable. The available hamster wheels are made of metal or plastic. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages. Metal wheels are sturdier and last longer but they are made with rungs instead of one solid piece. The hamster‘s fragile legs can get easily injured when they fall through the gaps between the rungs. The plastic hamster wheels on the other hand are made of one solid piece and are therefore safer for your little hamster friend.

The following model is of an ideal size for dwarf hamsters and small mice. You know that the wheel is the right size when your hamster isn’t arching his back while running in the wheel.

Love Hamster Wheel

Love Hamster Wheel

Product Highlights

  • Wheel with effective stable circular edge
  • 3-point seamless button design for more secure and stable
  • Medial lateral roulette stampede convex
  • Absolutely quiet, non-slip and safe wheel for pet’s toes and tails
  • Super thick disc wall design with removable shaft
  • Made of high quality PP material

Customer reviews

Super cute little house for our critter. Our hamster loves it. He’s a Syrian hamster, so on the bigger side. But he seems to like climbing in it and on the outside.

This one we can actually sleep through. It is the perfect size for our hamster. It’s quiet. Kiwi loves it.

I absolutely love this wheel! The size is PERFECT for a Syrian.  I can’t hear it what so ever when he’s on it!  Very very pleased! I will b recommending this product to all my customers!


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