Why do Reptiles need a Fogger

chameleonIt may sound weird, but you actually need to add fog to your reptile tank when you have one of those reptiles that just love high humidity such as chameleons or bearded dragons, but also snakes, geckos and turtles. Also you might take a look at getting a fogger for a variety of plants such as orchids.

A fog system adds the necessary humidity to your terrarium or reptile tank and belongs to the basic reptile supplies you need to offer your pet reptile.

Why do reptiles need to be fogged through a fog system? It’s part of the reptile‘s biological need to be surrounded by an appropriate amount of humidity. As being cold-blooded animals reptiles need humid and warm conditions in order to stay healthy.

So, besides the right temperature the proper humidity is very vital. Every reptile species has his own specific needs of humidity. A bearded dragon requires a humidity of 80-90% while a ball python loves a humidity of 30-50%. Make sure that you know what level of humidity your pet reptile needs.

If the humidity level is too low for an extended period of time your reptile will suffer from many health issues such as skin shedding problems, respiratory issues and dehydration. You can add a hygrometer to you reptile tank in order to ensure the right humidity level.

Also it‘s not recommended to seal the reptile‘s enclosure for a lengthy period of time in order to keep the humidity inside. This would boost the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungi.

So, how can you add humidity to your reptile‘s environment? Well, you can have standing water in half of the terrarium with a ramp leading to the dry part. You can add some sort of running water with a decorative mini waterfall that certainly will make for a nice look.

Adding fog to the reptile tank though is a very common and easy way to keep the humidity high. A fogger can also create a very interesting look in the terrarium.

Reptile Humidifier / Reptile Fogger

Reptile Humidifier / Reptile Fogger

Product Highlights

  • Compact ultrasonic cool mist humidifying fogger
  • Adjustable fog output control (up to 10 oz per hour)
  • Perfect for bearded dragons, geckos, snakes, turtles, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, frogs, hermit crabs
  • Tank for 0.5 gallons of distilled water
  • No-spill valve for easy filling
  • Refill necessary everyday at max setting and every 5th day at low setting
  • Dry-run protection shuts off when tank is empty
  • Adjustable hose: 1.5 ft to 5 ft
  • Compatible with a variety of enclosures
  • Easy assembly, includes full set of instructions and tips

Customer reviews

I’ve gotten the humidity in the tank to be around 80, but I cover the screen top on my exo terra with something to help even more. This thing is super easy to setup as well. I didn’t have any issues with that. It also doesn’t use too much water either. Overall I really like this fogger, it gets the job done and looks really cool as well. I love to watch the fog swirl around the plants in the tank!

My chameleon loves this! Now she’s getting the proper humidity for 12+ hours (without needing to be refueled). This is way better than a reptile dripper or mister because it’s essentially both of them, combined into one. Super easy to refill and VERY quiet.

Combined this humidifier with a humidity controller and my ball python loves it. I’m able to keep his tank at the proper humidity level. The humidifier works great! I would purchase again.


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