Why Dwarf Hamsters go crazy for this healthy Food

Vitakraft Dwarf Hamster FormulaDwarf hamsters are the cutest pets you can find. To make sure that your little furry guy stays healthy and happy you need to find the best dwarf hamster food that‘s out there.

What does a good dwarf hamster food consist of and why do dwarf hamsters go crazy for this following food that is specially designed for dwarf hamsters?

Even if you offer your dwarf hamsters a nutritious well-balanced kibble formula that is specifically designed for dwarf hamsters always add fresh food to their daily diet. With vegetables you will always be on the safe side as to dwarf hamsters. Just to be sure that you‘re going to give the right kind of fresh food consult your vet and ask for a list of healthy fresh food for your dwarf hamsters.

Even though dwarf hamsters shouldn’t eat fruits, you still may find some fruits that your little pet friend loves and that is healthy to be fed.

So, why do you need to find a formula that is designed just for dwarf hamsters? Well, dwarf hamsters unfortunately are very prone to diabetes, meaning they cannot handle food that‘s meant for hamsters because those ingredients may upset the balance of a dwarf hamster‘s blood sugar level.

Dwarf hamsters go crazy for a food when it comes in a high-diversity formula that meets all their eating requirements.

When you see your dwarf hamster go crazy for a specific food you have found the right one. Nevertheless, keep an eye on what your little pet friend is eating or leaving uneaten. With the following formula you most probably won‘t encounter uneaten leftovers though.

Vitakraft Dwarf Hamster Formula

Vitakraft Dwarf Hamster Formula

Product Highlights

  • Nutritious high-diversity diet specially designed for dwarf hamsters in all life stages
  • Fortified with Omega 3 Dhal and probiotics to aid digestion and overall health
  • Contains vitamins A, D und E and calcium
  • Bag of 2 lb.

Customer reviews

I have two very picky dwarf robo hamsters and they actually love this food. Since my hamsters are dwarf size, this bag lasts me about 2 months.

Consistently loved and gobbled up by my chinese dwarf hamster! Great quality.

There’s something in this that makes our hamster go crazy! He will dig in his bowl and fill his cheeks with his favorites. Good size bag will last a while!

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