Why Moss Balls are great for Aquariums

Luffy Marimo Moss BallsHaving an aquarium comes with different tasks and duties. Besides keeping your fish healthy and happy you want to have an algae-free aquarium with nice decorations.

You might consider getting these fascinating moss balls for your aquarium.

What are moss balls, what do they provide for the aquarium and what do you need to know about them?

Moss balls are alive plants. They‘re not made of plastic. They are natural live plants that enhance the look of your aquarium through their nicely round shape and lush green color. Since moss balls are alive they might vary. Not all moss balls are perfectly spherical and perfectly green.

If you have to deal with algae in your aquarium which you most certainly do you have three options to get rid of them. The least preferable option is a chemical product. Or you get those amazing algae eating snails. Or you get moss balls.

Moss balls absorb all the toxic and algae breeding wastes and dead matter including nitrites, nitrates, ammonia and phosphate. They help in creating a natural and thriving atmosphere for all aquatic species.

Since moss balls are alive harmless plants they may be eaten, and this happens actually with shrimps, snails and some fish such as goldfish and Koi. They just love to nibble on moss balls and eat them as snack. Fish and other aquatic species love moss balls also as decoration item to climb on, to explore, to hide behind and to rest under.

Luffy Marimo Moss BallsA big plus of moss balls is that they require very little maintenance. Only if you see them getting some brown spots you might change the light source of your aquarium or wash them before placing them back into the fish tank.

Some moss balls sometimes trap air bubbles inside. If this happens you see the moss balls float on the water. Just gently squeeze the moss ball and pop the air bubble. Putting them back into the water they will again settling down at the bottom of the fish tank.

Some people even have moss balls in their water-filled plant terrarium as additional fascinating element enhancing the look of their terrarium.

Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

Product Highlights

  • Live moss balls absorb nitrates and prevent excessive algae growth
  • 100% marimo moss balls are not always spherical in shape or lush green
  • Eco-friendly, low-maintenance and aesthetic addition to aquarium
  • Pack of 4 moss balls, three big (5“ × 4.1“ × 1“) and one mini
  • Snail-proof and loved by shrimps and by some fish such as goldfish or Koi

Customer reviews

I got four lovely healthy Luffy Balls. I will say that they were quite dry but they were healthy and a beautiful green color and these are 100% real Marimo Moss balls.

I was really impressed, and surprised when I received Moss Ball’s by Marimo.
There are 3 big balls and 1 mini. They were very healthy looking. I will definitely getting more, I find them very interesting.

I actually like the small ball the best because it tends to gently roll around the aquarium and it almost looks alive to watch it. Very fun to watch it roll with the current and then somehow end up on top of my rocks and things.


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