Why would your Bird need a Cuttlebone?

Living World Large Bird CuttleboneBirds belong to the most beloved pets. They‘re intelligent and talkative and they love being around us. To keep your bird happy and healthy you need to provide the necessary nutrition and entertainment.

This is the reason why your bird would want to have a Cuttlebone. It is nutrition and entertainment at the same time!

What exactly is a Cuttlebone, where does it come from and what are its advantages for your birds?

Well, it sounds as if we‘re talking about a bone, but we‘re not. Actually a cuttlebone is the internal shell of a fish, the Cuttlefish. This fish lives in the English Channel and looks with its 8 arms and 2 tentacles like an octopus but it is more closely related to snails than to fish. The cuttlebone helps the fish to stay buoyant in the water thanks to being filled with gases. This fish is known to be a master at moving stealthily around.

People used cuttlebones for many reasons, but the main purpose is its being a supplement and exercise toy for birds.

The cuttlebone is a chalky brittle structure being composed of 85% calcium and this is the reason why it‘s so interesting for birds. Birds need a daily intake of calcium which happens easily through a cuttlebone.

Most of the birds accept cuttlebones immediately and love it. Others don‘t show any interest in it. In this case you might just use a shark knife and scrape bits of the cuttlebone which you mix as nutritional supplement into your bird‘s daily diet. This kind of introduction might eventually interest your bird into the cuttlebone as toy to chew on.

Being a rich calcium source is one reason why a cuttlebone is great for your bird. The other reason is that the rough surface helps to trim the beaks of the birds. Often parrots deal with overgrown beaks, a cuttlebone will certainly prevent it. Birds chew on it, bite into it and keep thus their beak healthy and strong.

To promote healthy beaks and jaw exercise for your bird, always keep a cuttlebone in your bird‘s cage.

Living World Large Bird Cuttlebone

Living World Large Bird Cuttlebone

Product Highlights

  • Provides natural calcium and minerals
  • Derived from natural cuttlefish
  • Natural surface keeps beak trim and sharp
  • Suitable for Cockatiels
  • Equipped with holder
  • Length: 6“ – 7“

Customer reviews

My cockatiel love these. When I put it in his cage he went crazy like he had been on a diet and craving these things. It seems to clean his beak and help him keep it razor sharp. But overall, this is a good buy and a necessity for bird’s development of attitude.

Our birds love these cuttlebones. These are the favorite for well over one year so we’re sticking with what seems to work.

The larger bones are more cost effective than the smaller ones and my small birds have not yet finished one. I would have gone through at least 3 small with part of the middle wasted on the bottom of the cage.

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