Why your Cats want this Kitty City Cat Condo

Kitty City Cat Condo with ToyIt‘s no accident that the title says cats in the plural form. This Kitty City Cat Condo is meant for cat families. It is a condo but mostly it is an exercise place and playground for active cats and for cats you wish they were more active. With this Kitty City Cat Condo they will be!

There are some points to look at before you choose this great cat condo for your cat family. Here they are.

First of all a good cat condo needs to be made of a heavy duty material to absorb all your cats‘ moves and jumps. And speaking of material: you‘d wish for a fleece that is comfortable for napping and at the same time heavy duty tear-resistant in order to work perfectly as playground and to withstand any scratching activities.

This Kitty City Cat Condo comes with specific scratching posts that entice your cats to scratch here and not your furniture. It is sturdy enough to hold several cats even when they‘re big.

Kitty City Cat Condo with ToyOne big advantage of the Kitty City Cat Condo is that you can rearrange the parts to create your unique cat condo. There are besides this Mega-Kit-Green model 3 other types of Kitty City Cat Condos available that easily can be combined to a gigantic cat condo – if you have the space for it.

It also comes with some plush toys and jingle ball toys. Nevertheless you might want to add your own decoration and cat toys here and there.

A good cat condo should provide spots for three common cat activities: jumping, resting and scratching! This Kitty City Cat Condo certainly fulfills this requirement. Could it be something for your cat family?

Kitty City Cat Condo with Toy

Kitty City Cat Condo with Toy

Product Highlights

  • Great for multiple cats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft yet strong fleece for resting and playing
  • With heavy duty coated fabric that is tear resistant
  • Heavy duty ABS joints firmly hold pipes in place
  • Includes multi-colored jingle ball toys
  • Durable scratching posts
  • Mega Kit Green, also available Duplex-Tan, Loft Home, Magnificent Tower
  • Size: 32.5“ x 46.8“ x 47.5“

Customer reviews

I have 9 ‘normal’ size cats (10-12 pounds) and one Maine Coon at 18-20 pounds. Seems to hold up really well for all concerned and has lasted a remarkably long time, all claws considered. And Amazon has the best price around. My cats love it so much that I ordered two more so they wouldn’t fight over the different snoozing levels.

Very easy to install. Has many options of places to lay down and sleep for my cats, they love the brown hammoks and use the scrach posts. It’s a good buy for the money. I’m pleased, but, more important, my cats are pleased.

This is an awesome play house for all cats. it comes with all the items you see in the photo and you can rearrange the pieces into many different formations. our cats love it already.

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